Green Button Alliance

The Green Button Alliance is led by a seasoned, highly dedicated team who works closely with the GBA’s Board of Directors, Members and other industry stakeholders to drive forward the mission of the Alliance.

The GBA team’s deep industry knowledge stems from having served in NIST’s Domain Experts Working Groups (DEWGs) and SGIP’s Priority Action Plan (PAP) groups, which comprised the foundation for Green Button solutions; as well as from participating in the OpenADE Task Force (the technical group pre-dating the name “Green Button”); developing some of the original parts of the NAESB REQ.21 ESPI standard; being signatories to the GridWise Architecture Council’s 2005 Constitution on Interoperability; and being former voting members of OASIS’ Energy Market Information Exchange (eMIX) and Energy Interop technical committees—all contributing efforts that culminated in the Green Button standard.


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GBA Staff

  • Jeremy J. Roberts
    Jeremy J. Roberts
    Executive Director & General Manager Green Button Alliance (215)918-1026
    Business Operations & General Management
  • Donald F. Coffin
    Donald F. Coffin
    Technical Manager Green Button Alliance (949)636-8571
    Technical Programs & Platform Certification
  • Valdis Hellevik
    Valdis Hellevik
    Marketing Communications Manager Green Button Alliance (647)558-0588
    Marketing, Communications, and Member Relations
  • Ernst Eder
    Ernst Eder
    Technical Consultant Green Button Alliance +436643205717
    Technical Consultant & Standards Liaison

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors serves as the association’s Officers on a calendar year basis.
  • Syed Mir
    Syed Mir
    VP Corporate Services & CIO London Hydro (519)661-5800
  • Josh Keeling
    Josh Keeling
    SVP, Product and Market UtilityAPI (971)222-8615
  • Alex De La Rosa
    Alex De La Rosa
    Supply Operations Manager ENGIE (713)636-1462
    Secretary & Treasurer
  • Jeremy J. Roberts
    Jeremy J. Roberts
    Executive Director & General Manager Green Button Alliance (215)918-1026
    Executive Director