Developer Resources

Information for Developers will continue to be added as they are created.  We are excited for the resources we will be providing you.

Please check-back soon and often for more content.


Atom Elements Used in Green Button Files

Understanding the Atom Elements used with ESPI

Atom Elements


Atom & ESPI Relationship

The relationship between Atom & ESPI for carrying Green Button Data

Atom & ESPI


Cost and Currency Representations and Scaling

Understanding the scaling factor for representing decimal values of interval costs and their currency units

Cost and Currency


Daylight Savings Time & Time Zones

How to read/write a DST Offset in ESPI and determine the Time Zone

Daylight Savings Time


Generating Persistent UUIDs

Creating Version 5 Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs)

Generating UUIDs


OAuth for Green Button Solutions

A series of articles describing how OAuth works for Green Button data

OAuth & Green Button


Power-of-Ten Multiplier Scaling

When and how to apply and read sent values with a Multipler attached

Power-of-Ten Multiplier