Canadian Initiatives

In 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Energy made a call to action for utilities to implement the Green Button.

in November 2021, standards-based Green Button data access and sharing was mandated for the majority of electricity and natural gas local-distribution companies (LDCs) across the province.

Since that time, provinces across Canada have been considering adoption of Green Button with legislation, regulation, or mandates.


Enabled under Ontario’s Electricity Act, 1998, section 25.35.8: Energy Data, Regulation 633/21: Energy Data requires Ontario utilities to implement Green Button Connect My Data (CMD)and Download My Data (DMD) solutions that enable customers to easily obtain and share their data with authorized third-parties that can analyze the data to help them make informed energy-management decisions to reduce energy-use and costs.

In support of the province’s electricity and natural gas sectors, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) led a series of Green Button Industry-led Working Group (IWG) meetings comprised of stakeholders, including members of the Green Button Alliance, culminating in a report [.pdf] that provides implementers a collection of best practices and answers to frequently asked questions.

Ontario is helping families and businesses save energy and save money with the push of a button. […] Ontario’s Green Button initiative will allow consumers to access their natural gas and hourly electricity consumption data through secure apps on their computer or smartphone and find customized tips on how to boost home energy efficiency and lower monthly bills.

— Honourable Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy

Electricity and Natural Gas utilities in Ontario are required to have their CMD and DMD implementations Certified by the GBA by 01 November 2023.  Currently (as-of 03 May 2023), over 22% have been Certified.

Nova Scotia

Through the passing and Royal Assent of Bill Number 145: An Act to Amend Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2004, the Electricity Act, Nova Scotia Power is required to fully implement the Green Button standard, which enables customers to securely download their household or business electricity usage data and connect their data to online apps to help cut their bills, (Nova Scotia News Release) by April of 2023.

Nova Scotia Power is a Green Button Alliance Participating Member.