Green Button Download My Data® (DMD)

The Industry Standard for Securely Accessing and Downloading Energy and Water Usage Data

Green Button Download My Data (DMD), the commonly known name for the component of the North American Energy Standards Board's (NAESB) REQ.21 - Energy Services Provider Interface Model Business Practices for the customer downloading of usage data, is the energy-industry standard for enabling easy access to, selection of, and downloading of, utility-customer energy- and water-usage data.

Green Button Download My Data (DMD) Standard

Many energy providers enable their customers to view their energy data through their energy provider’s website.  However, downloaded files are typically in a comma-separated values (CSV) format and differ from site-to-site, making it difficult and time consuming (especially for property managers of multiple buildings) to collect energy data; and exponentially so, if the buildings are served by various energy providers.

The Green Button Download My Data (DMD) standard enables home owners and property managers to download their electricity-, natural gas-, or water-usage data from their energy provider’s website in an industry-standard XML format; consistent across all energy-provider websites. Green Button DMD eliminates the need for manual data entry, improves data accuracy, and simplifies the data collection and reporting process.  Customers can now utilize their energy data to view historical and present energy usage, analyze trends, and make informed energy management choices.