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Solar Data Pros, Inc.

Solar Data Pros, Inc.
GBA Participating Member

“Solar Data Pros’ business is the development and promotion of a proprietary software application for monitoring solar energy production as well as the amount of energy a customer is pulling from the power grid.  The software combines the ‘solar production data’ and ‘grid consumption data’ for the purpose of identifying whether a solar system is ‘under-producing’ energy or whether a solar customer is ‘over-consuming’ energy.… ”

The Green Button Alliance welcomes Solar Data Pros to our community.

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Bryant Roofing & Solar

Bryant Roofing & Solar
GBA Observing Member

The Green Button Alliance welcomes these Members to our community.

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Agave Systems

Agave® Systems’ data-analysis platform combines software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools and on-site control systems to enable commercial and industrial (C&I) customers to manage and optimize their energy usage.  Agave’s platform brings utility-rate information together with energy-usage data to provide C&I customers with metrics, trends, and notifications that support informed decision-making.

“Agave’s platform and tools integrate all utility systems in one place to enable building owners and managers to manage and optimize their energy spend, reduce costs, and improve operations resiliency.  Agave’s solution efficiently delivers a proven, lasting energy management process that drives bottom line profits for customers.”   — Steven Acevedo, Founder & CEO, Agave Systems.  

The Problem

C&I customers today face ever-changing utility tariff-rate structures and the challenges presented by these erratic charges.  Unpredictable energy costs not only impact a company’s bottom line but create uncertainty around budgeting and profit forecasting.  In addition, demand charges can be significant—at times more than 40% of a facility’s energy bill.  A recent U.S. Department of Energy study indicates that in 2018, C&I energy users in the U.S. spent over $60 billion on these additional costs.

Building owners and managers lack data, which leaves them in the dark as to when and why they’re being charged.  Since invoices don’t arrive for 45–60 days following a demand event, this compounds the issue.  Without a process in place, many energy consumers overspend by blindly paying the bill.

Agave Systems Evolution Energy Dashboard

Agave’s Evolution platform brings current utility rate information together with real-time energy data, including standardized Green Button energy-usage data, to provide C&I customers with the metrics, trends, and notifications that support informed decision-making.  Standardized Green Button data enable energy managers to easily utilize highly accurate whole-building energy consumption, generation, and billing data in a consistent, common format across single or multiple buildings and utilities.  Agave’s automated delivery of reliable, up-to-date energy metrics helps bridge the gap between operations and finance data to better manage energy costs and optimize plant performance.  The cloud-based SaaS solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services to provide customers with secure, continuous access to their data.  Agave’s solution offers users up-to-date energy cost information and allows for continuous auditing.  The system provides constant feedback on equipment performance and investment payback on projects, while the open system architecture allows it to be used independently or combined with an existing Agave® Evolution™ and/or plant control system/SCADA system.


GBA Member Utilities

Enbridge Gas Inc. (Union Gas Limited) ENGIE Entegrus Powerlines Inc. Exelon London Hydro PG&E Southern California Edison SDG&E Unitil Corporation

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Accelerated Innovations Agave Systems AmGreen Solutions Big Data Energy Services Brilliency Incorporated Bryant Roofing & Solar Ecobility (CustomerFirst) eIQ Mobility Energyworx GLYNT.AI (formerly: WattzOn) Logical Buildings (Energy Technology Savings) MeterGenius OhmConnect Social Solar Solar Data Pros swytchX Quantum New Energy UtilityAPI ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.

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CABA Edison Electric Institute ETRI KERI North American Energy Standards Board National Institute of Standards and Technology Ontario Ministry of Energy Real Estate Standards Organization Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative U.S. Department of Energy

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