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Bellawatt, Inc.

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“Bellawatt builds user-friendly software for the energy industry.  Because we understand the inner workings of utilities and energy companies, we can create highly customized and relevant products that suit real business and operational needs.  We are led by a former energy regulatory consultant who has expert witness experience for cost-of-service and electric rate design.… ”


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“buildee® enables portfolio owners, utilities and service providers to identify, prioritize, and realize energy efficiency investments through the building lifecycle.  The buildee platform is a data analytics and collection platform for the field and back office to rapidly identify, analyze and report on energy efficiency in commercial buildings on an individual and portfolio basis.… ”

The Green Button Alliance welcomes Bellawatt and buildee as Participating Members of the GBA.

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Solar Payoff

Solar Payoff
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GBA Observing Member

The Green Button Alliance welcomes these Observing Members to our community.

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buildee® is an award-winning cloud-based software platform that enables cities, commercial building owners, operators, service providers, and utilities to identify, prioritize and realize energy-efficiency investments across a portfolio. With over 1-billion square feet of real estate on the platform, buildee is a Building Relationship Management (BRM) system that brings all data and point solutions into one place for 90+% faster decision-making for an owner. The buildee platform includes a curated database of measures, utility programs, manufacturer equipment data and calculations that connect to best-in-class field mobility tools that standardize and accelerate data collection, analytics, and reporting. Additionally, the platform includes an API that allows customers to connect to third-party data and applications for better project analysis. buildee enables owners to make informed decisions to monetize their building data, reduce costs, improve value, and be stewards for environmental change.

buildee and Green Button Data

buildee is working with the Green Button Alliance to collaborate with utilities and facilitate the rapid integration and analysis of energy and water data. Easy access to accurate energy-consumption data is essential in order for building energy managers to understand and manage building energy usage, drive efficiency programs, and meet increasing mandates for reporting building energy consumption. buildee and GBA are working together to minimize the barrier to access energy consumption data which will enable stakeholders to identify and implement energy saving projects in their buildings.

Looking Forward - Improved Collaboration, Expanded Reporting, New Integrations

buildee recently released updated modules which provide deeper analysis, improved tools, and expanded reporting capabilities to streamline sustainability efforts and compliance.

  • buildee Virtual (pdf) - Building on our transformative collaboration capabilities, off-site teams can engage with on-site facility managers through buildee’s peer-to-peer video integration by collecting data on equipment and assets in a building which are then reviewed and analyzed by off-site staff who make ECM project recommendations.
  • buildee Portfolio - Offering improved analysis and optimization of spend, buildee Portfolio is leveraged for running portfolio or segment wide “what-if” scenarios and supports portfolio-wide reporting.
  • buildee Reports - buildee Reports auto-generates data collected from building surveys, benchmarks, virtual or field audits that are organized and populated into a pre-formatted report including charts, notes and photographs.
buildee platform image

“Owners continue to face the 'data - to - decision' challenge and the industry at times makes it more complicated. buildee is designed to facilitate this process by connecting data from the field to the front office. Being part of the Green Button Alliance accelerates data accessibility and product value,”
— Oliver Davis, buildee CEO and Founder.

buildee’s BRM has integrated with platforms from utility data providers and facilities management systems to project management tools and CRM databases. Interested in connecting your tool to buildee or curious if a tool you use is connected to buildee? Please reach out at [email protected]. Follow buildee on LinkedIn or on Twitter @gobuildee.




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Enbridge Gas Inc. (Union Gas Limited) ENGIE Entegrus Powerlines Inc. London Hydro PG&E Southern California Edison SDG&E Unitil Corporation

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Accelerated Innovations Akeptus AmGreen Solutions Bellawatt, Inc. Big Data Energy Services Brilliency Incorporated Bryant Roofing & Solar buildee® ClearTrace Energyworx EnerWisely (Quantum New Energy) GLYNT.AI (formerly: WattzOn) Logical Buildings (Energy Technology Savings) OhmConnect Solar Data Pros Solar Payoff UtilityAPI Virimoto (formerly Social Solar) ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.

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CABA Edison Electric Institute ETRI KERI North American Energy Standards Board National Institute of Standards and Technology Ontario Ministry of Energy Real Estate Standards Organization Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative U.S. Department of Energy

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