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Welcome to our newest Participating Members:

Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Nova Scotia Power Inc.
GBA Participating Member

“Nova Scotia Power is a regulated electrical utility serving 500,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Nova Scotia, Canada.
The utility provides 95 per cent of Nova Scotia’s generation, transmission and distribution services.  Nova Scotia Power is Emera’s founding affiliate and a wholly owned subsidiary.… ”

JOMAR Softcorp International

JOMAR Softcorp International
GBA Participating Member

“JOMAR is a customer focused developer of innovative software and technology solutions that support Electric, Water and Gas Utility Green Energy and Smart Grid initiatives.  Its Next Generation Customer Information System (CIS), Meter Data Management (MDM), Sub-Metering, Settlement Services and ERP solutions support regulated and de-regulated markets.… ”

The Green Button Alliance welcomes Nova Scotia Power & JOMAR Softcorp 
as Participating Members of the GBA.

The GBA also welcomes our newest Observing Members:

ERTH Power Corporation

Walker-Miller Energy Services
GBA Observing Member

ERTH Power Corporation

ERTH Power Corporation
GBA Observing Member

The Green Button Alliance welcomes these Observing Members to our community.

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Member Spotlight

Utilismart Corporation

Utilismart is a leading provider of Meter Data Management (MDM) and utility analytics solutions. The company's diverse portfolio of solutions enables distribution utilities to transform their businesses by leveraging data-driven insights to create operational, engineering, financial, and customer service efficiencies.

With the adoption of new technologies, the electrical grid as we know it today will soon become unrecognizable. With the advancements in distributed and renewable energy resources, battery storage, and electric vehicles, distribution utilities require tools to help them understand the impact of these technologies to improve system flexibility and reliability. Utilismart utility analytics solutions address this problem by providing grid visibility, impact analysis, and planning capabilities that allow utilities to evolve, meet regulatory requirements, and exceed customer expectations by turning data into decisions.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Utilities

Utilismart's cloud-based modular MDM-driven applications offer an end-to-end solution enabling distribution utilities to transform into modern and efficient organizations that utilize data-driven analytics to create value for customers and improve the overall bottom line. Utility companies can now harness the power of big data and transform meter, grid, and customer data into valuable and actionable information, with low cost, high impact results, employing data science and machine learning. Utilismart solutions enable operational capabilities and efficiencies, improve system reliability, and reduce distribution system management costs and include:

  • Advanced Grid Visualization
  • Rate Analysis
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Outage Management and Reporting
  • Meter Data Management
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Meter-to-Cash Process Automation
  • Revenue Protection
  • Advanced Energy Management Portal

Embracing Data Sharing

Utilismart joined the Green Button Alliance (GBA) to support data democratization and enable the rapid development of data-dependent innovative solutions. These solutions will empower utility customers to achieve their electrification, conservation, and demand management objectives. Today's energy consumers demand more data and the ability to understand energy consumption and costs, drive and influence energy efficiencies, and justify the adoption of renewable technologies. Utilismart's active participation in GBA will help remove the energy data access barriers enabling stakeholders to identify and implement energy-saving initiatives.

Utilismart continues to develop innovative solutions to improve utility operations through its suite of MDM-driven applications unlocking the full value of smart meter investments and continuously extending the use of meter data beyond the meter-to-cash process. For more information about Utilismart solutions, visit



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Accelerated Innovations Akeptus Bellawatt, Inc. Big Data Energy Services ClearTrace EnerWisely (Quantum New Energy) ERTH Corporation JOMAR Softcorp International Inc. Live Building Systems Logical Buildings (Energy Technology Savings) OhmConnect Rodan Energy Solutions Savage Data Systems SilverBlaze Solutions Smart Energy Water (SEW) Solar Data Pros Solar Payoff Utilismart Corporation UtilityAPI Virimoto (formerly Social Solar) Walker-Miller Energy Services ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.

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CABA Edison Electric Institute North American Energy Standards Board National Institute of Standards and Technology Real Estate Standards Organization Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative U.S. Department of Energy

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