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OpenADE™ Task Force

Technical Committee: Open Automated Data Exchange

Recurring Event
Next Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

The Open Automated Data Exchange (OpenADE™) Task Force is the open-to-anyone technical committee of the Green Button Alliance.

The OpenADE Task Force includes participants from smart-energy-management vendors, utilities, and government interests who discuss and develop recommendations for building interoperable data exchanges that allow customer authorization and sharing of utility consumption information with Third-Party service providers.

See calendar below for upcoming meeting dates and dial-in information. 

Latest Discussions & Agenda

The Agenda for each meeting, and the Minutes for previous meetings, can be found here on the GitHub repository for the Green Button Alliance:

OpenADE Meeting Info on GitHub


OpenADE Task Force Revised Charter

OpenADE shall promote interoperability for the Green Button Data-Access and Data-Sharing technologies:

  • Based on NAESB REQ.21 Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI).
  • Collect and refine changes and extensions to ESPI and related standards.
  • Enhance and manage Green Button conformance for:
    • Green Button Download My Data (DMD)
    • Green Button Connect My Data (CMD)
  • Develop and manage the Green Button Certification Testing & Compliance program:
    • Develop and manage test plans and conformance rules.
    • Provide test harnesses and a Certification program to ensure implementation compliance to the standard.

For More Information:

Donald F. Coffin
Donald F. Coffin
Technical Manager Green Button Alliance (949)636-8571

All Technical Committee meetings are open to GBA Members and non-Members.

   This is the last OpenADE meeting of 2023.

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