U.S. Initiatives

In September 2011, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra, challenged utilities across the country to develop “Green Button”—a means of providing detailed customer energy-usage information available for download in a simple, common format: 

Through utility-industry support for Green Button, consu­mers would be able to make better-informed deci­sions about their energy consump­tion.  Standard­izing on the data format could result in inno­vative appli­cations that might trans­form the way people use energy.

Since that time, states across the union have embraced the concept of usage-data sharing and many public-utility commissions and service commissions have moved forward with legislation, regulation, mandates, and laws.

U.S. Congressional Activities

116th Congress (2019-2020):

117th Congress (2021-2022):


Arkansas Public Service Commission has recently changed their website:


Cost Recovery for Improvements to the Click-Through Authorization Process:


Details of Proceeding 16A-0588E: Public Service Company - CPCN AMI and IVVO:

District of Columbia

Case: FC1130 - In the Matter of the Investigation into Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability:


Grid Modernization Technologies:


Report on Statewide, Multiple-use Online Energy Data Platform:


MI Power Grid - Customer Data Access and Privacy: 


66th Legislature - HB0267: An Act establishing utility requirements for the use of advanced metering devices, etc.:

New Hampshire

DE 19-197: Electric and Natural Gas Utilities - Development of a Statewide, Multi-Use Online Energy Data Platform:

New Jersey

EO20110716- Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Work Session:

New York

Matter Number: 20-00406, Case Number: 20-M-0082 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission Regarding Strategic Use of Energy Related Data:

North Carolina

Docket E-100 Sub 161 - Rulemaking Docket for Commission Rules Related to Electric Customer Billing:

North Carolina Activities (NCUC) link


Case Record: 18-1597-EL-GRD - In the matter of the PowerForward Data and Modern Grid Workgroup:


Docket Number: M-2021-3029018 - Investigation Into Third-Party Access to EDC Customer Data:


Case: 47472-100 - Commission Staff's Petition to Determine Requirements for Smart Meter Texas:


HB 2332 - Electric utilities; protection of customer data: