GBA Appoints New Vice Chair of its Board of Directors

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Josh Keeling, UtilityAPI Joins GBA’s Board and Executive Committee

March 6, 2024 — The Green Button Alliance (GBA), which fosters the development, compliance, and adoption of the industry’s Green Button energy and water data-access and -sharing protocol, today announced the appointment of Josh Keeling, Sr. Vice President of Product and Market Development, UtilityAPI as vice chair of GBA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Josh Keeling succeeds Daniel Roesler, Founder and CTO, UtilityAPI who has served on the GBA’s Board of Directors since 2018 and served as vice chair of the GBA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee since 2019. Keeling commenced his position as vice chair of the GBA’s board on March 6, 2024.

Secure, standardized, highly-precise energy data provides the essential foundation required for driving the energy transition and the useability and scalability of digital, data-enabled services,” said Syed Mir, Chairman, Green Button Alliance. “As we work to advance the industry’s Green Button energy and water data-access and sharing protocol for the benefit of the broad market, we welcome Josh’s strategic leadership and the deep expertise in data integration, virtual power plants, distribution-system planning and DER integration he brings to the GBA’s board of directors.

On March 5, during GBA’s board meeting, the following officers of the board were reaffirmed: Syed Mir, London Hydro (GBA Chair) and Alex De La Rosa, ENGIE (GBA Secretary/Treasurer), with new director Josh Keeling, UtilityAPI affirmed to serve as vice chair of GBA’s board and as an officer on its Executive Committee.

The Green Button Alliance thanks Daniel Roesler for his years of service as a GBA board member, invaluable contributions as vice chair and Executive Committee member, and his technical expertise and active participation in driving the Green Button Alliance and the industry’s Green Button energy and water data-access and -sharing protocol forward. 

The GBA’s board collaborates to broaden adoption of standards-based Green Button data technologies that enable energy and water utilities around the world to offer secure, customer data-access and -sharing platforms and new digital services that leverage standardized Green Button utility-customer data.


The Green Button Alliance’s 2024 Board of Directors:

  • Syed Mir, VP Corporate Services & CIO; London Hydro – GBA Chair
  • Josh Keeling, SVP, Product & Market Development; UtilityAPI – GBA Vice-Chair
  • Alex De La Rosa, Supply Operations Manager; ENGIE – GBA Secretary & Treasurer
  • Vinny Lou, Product Owner, Data Sharing Platform; Con Edison
  • Ryan Simon, Manager, Digital Channels and Analytics; Enbridge Gas Inc.
  • Bob Champagne, VP of Product Solutions & Customer Experience Innovation; Smart Energy Water (SEW)
  • Jay Lewis, CEO; Big Data Energy Services
  • Luke Scheidler, Senior Product Manager, New Business Innovation; Itron, Inc.
  • Jeff Hendler, CEO; Logical Buildings
  • Jonathan Booe, Executive VP & Chief Administrative Officer; North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)
  • David A. Wollman, Deputy Div. Chief, Smart Connected Systems Div., Comms Tech Lab; National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Christopher J. Irwin, Program Manager of Transactive Energy, Communications, & Interoperability; U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE)


About Green Button Connect My Data® (CMD)

The Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) standard enables utilities to safely provide access to interval usage and billing data and allows utility customers—including residential, businesses, commercial and industrial, cities and municipalities, or customer-authorized third-party solutions—to seamlessly and securely obtain detailed and highly precise interval-meter data to inform energy- and water-management decision-making. This is accomplished while ensuring customer data are protected and privacy is maintained. Utilities can maximize their metering infrastructure by utilizing their Green Button CMD platform to offer a host of new energy-data-enabled services. Energy managers can access standardized Green Button energy data in the Green Button format to streamline energy-management and consumption reporting. Third-party providers of consumer-centric services can more-rapidly develop applications that work seamlessly with other Green Button implementations.


About Green Button Download My Data® (DMD)

The Green Button Download My Data (DMD) standard enables utility customers—including residential, businesses, commercial and industrial, & cities and municipalities—to access and download their historical and current usage data from their utility’s website in the industry standard Green Button format to analyze trends and make informed resource-management choices using in-house or off-the-shelf applications; or, they can share their downloaded files with applications or service providers for further assistance.


About the Green Button Alliance 

The Green Button Alliance (GBA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to foster the development, compliance, and global adoption of Green Button implementations. The GBA is comprised of leading utilities, governmental departments and agencies, solution providers, and affiliated organizations that collaborate to advance the Green Button standard. The Green Button standard enables energy consumers around the world to access and share their energy- and water-usage data to better analyze and manage their consumption. The GBA educates the market on the broad benefits of the Green Button standard, encourages standards-based application development, and administers the Green Button Testing and Certification Program to accelerate the delivery of standardized Green Button technologies to energy and water consumers.

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