Tech Brief | Testing Utility Solutions for Standards-compliance Helps Ensure Implementation Success!

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Testing Utility Solutions for Standards-compliance Helps to Ensure Implementation Success!
Utilities developing customer data-access and -sharing solutions can ensure they are developing to the standard by testing their implementations through the Green Button Alliance's Green Button CMD Testing and Verification Program for data custodians. Testing ensures solutions that are in development will comply to Green Button data-sharing methods and will enable customer data access and secure data sharing with third-party vendors, as well as enable seamless application ecosystem growth.
Testing for Green Button Standards-compliance:
  • Assures utilities that they have implemented the standard correctly and their solution will provide consistent, reliable data and work with other Green Button data-enabled solutionsensuring seamless ecosystem expansion.
  • Speeds data-sharing implementation time-to-market and assures a secure data-sharing experience for customers.
  • Ensures utilities and their customers they are gaining the full functionality and capabilities of the standard. See the two-page Green Button CMD data sheet to learn more about the full functionality of Green Button CMD.
  • Ensures secure transmission of data and customer privacy; positioning utilities to meet regulations for customer privacy.
  • Subsequently displaying a Green Button CMD testing mark on the data custodian’s site informs customers and third-party developers that the utility solution has been tested for Green Button standards-compliance and will provide a seamless experience.
Utilities that are developing data-access and -sharing solutions or new services that leverage customer data can contact the Green Button Alliance to ensure they are developing to the Green Button standard.