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“Quantum New Energy is developing a transactive consumer energy platform that empowers people and businesses to make more informed decisions about energy, while reducing energy costs and cutting carbon emissions.”
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“Whether your goal is to increase customer retention, lower electricity consumption during peak hours, or add additional revenue streams, MeterGenius’s platform and experience will be the solution to create value for you and your customers.”
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GBA's 2019 Annual General Meeting Addressed Green Button Market and Technical Developments
The GBA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) 10 April at the CS Week 2019 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. GBA's chairman, GBA staff, members of the board, and the GBA marketing chair presented updates on: Green Button adoption; regulatory forward movement; Green Button Connect My Data technical developments including, informing attendees of the recent ratification of the updated Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) REQ.21 standard (which is the standard for Green Button) by North American Energy Standards Board (see more below); as well as many other topics.
The information-packed meeting was attended by representatives from digital utilities, energy-efficiency innovators, governmental agencies, and other energy & water industry stakeholders interested in learning about the industry's Green Button Energy Data Access and Secure Data Sharing standard. If you missed the meeting, view the recording:
Later in the day on 10 April at CS Week, ENMAX Energy and GBA member London Hydro co-presented the " A Tale of Two Cities: Balancing Service, Cost, and Innovation " session. The well-attended session addressed how utilities can leverage innovative technology including standardized Green Button energy-consumption data platforms and services, data analytics, and more to enable customers with new, digital energy-management solutions and customer services.
NAESB Ratifies Standard for Green Button
On 8 April, the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), a member of the Green Button Alliance, ratified the latest revision of the NAESB Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) Retail Energy Quadrant Book 21 (REQ.21) standard, commonly known as the Green Button standard. Updates and enhancements to the standard were submitted to NAESB by the OpenADE Task Force, hosted by the Green Button Alliance, which included: 
  • Replaced OAuth 1.0 with OAuth 2.0 for “Confidential Clients”
  • Updated security requirements to TLS 1.2 as a minimum
  • Revised the Energy Usage Information (EUI) data structure and definitions
  • Created the Retail Customer (PII) data structure and definitions
  • Deprecated original Use Cases that do not meet OAuth 2.0 data security requirements
  • Added Use Case for Download My Data (DMD)
  • Simplified Use Case 2: “Customer Authorization process”
  • Documented Standard ESPI Application Program Interface (API) formats
The current standard is now available for purchase from NAESB for $250.00 USD as the Final Action R13001 – Request for Corrections and Enhancements to the NAESB REQ.21 Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI).
The GBA hosts the OpenADE Task Force technical meetings every Tuesday at 3:00pm ET, both GBA members and non-members are invited to attend. See meeting/calendar details below.
London Hydro's MyWater Portal Wins Prestigious "Innovation in Digital Customer Engagement" Award
During the CS Week 2019 conference, GBA member London Hydro and the City of London in Ontario, Canada were recognized with the prestigious “Innovation in Digital Customer Engagement” award for London Hydro’s MyWater portal developed utilizing the utility's Green Button Connect My Data -certified platform .  
 London Hydro’s MyWater application provides simple digital access to standardized, granular water meter data in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly intervals enabling residential customers and facility managers to easily view and understand their water usage and quickly detect leaks and more. By giving customers digital access to their own water data, the utility has increased customer satisfaction and reduced the number of customer billing inquiries into the utility.
The Green Button data-enabled MyWater application allows both customers and the utility’s customer service department to jointly view a customer’s timely and highly accurate Green Button water usage data to enable rapid pinpointing of potential leaks and easy resolution of issues, reducing water waste and preventing unnecessarily high customer bills. London Hydro's innovative MyWater application joins MyLondonHydro, MyIDC, and Trickl as the utility's latest digital customer-engagement solution to be cost-effectively developed and delivered utilizing the utility’s cloud-based, certified Green Button Connect My Data platform. The GBA congratulates London Hydro on its "Innovation in Digital Customer Engagement" recognition!
Notice: CA CPUC Click-through Pre-hearing Conference on Friday
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is holding a Click-through Pre-hearing conference Friday 26 April at 10:00am PT (1:00pm ET). The pre-hearing conference is open to the public. Those interested in participating can find the meeting details, documents, and participation logistics in our calendar:
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GBA's Upcoming All-Member Meetings
  • The GBA hosts the OpenADE Task Force technical meetings every Tuesday at 3:00pm ET, both GBA members and non-members are invited to attend. Visit the GBA's online calendar for logistics.
  • The GBA's monthly Green Button Global Marketing Meetings occur the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm ET. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 01 May. All GBA members are invited to attend this 30-minute meeting. Participation logistics will be emailed to GBA Members—or members can login to download the information.
  • The GBA's next All-Member "Pulse" Call will be held via dial-in and web on 14 May at 2:00pm EDT. Participation logistics will be emailed to GBA Members.
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