Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) Certification Program Now Available for Utilities

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Green Button Connect My Data Certification Program Now Available for Utilities
Last month, the Green Button Alliance launched its Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) Certification Program for electricity, natural gas, and water utilities ("data custodians").
Utilities testing and certifying their implementations through the Green Button Alliance's Green Button CMD Certification Program are assured their solutions are compliant to the Green Button data-sharing methods and will enable customer data access and secure data sharing with third-party vendors. Utility implementations that are Green Button Certified CMD ensure customer privacy and the seamless-and-secure transmission of data to third-party solutions.
  • Learn more about the full capabilities of the industry standard Green Button Connect My Data and its benefits to utilities and their customers in this informative, two-page datasheet (PDF).
Utilities that are planning to leverage Green Button Connect My Data to provide their customers with digital access to their data and/or to offer new customer-data -driven solutions, can contact the Green Button Alliance for assistance in preparing for testing and certification. Utilities that are already in process of developing CMD offerings, apply for certification here .