Green Button Alliance - Certification Program


Standards are great for driving innovation in a way that allows producers, suppliers, implementers, and end-users to create and share interoperable solutions without having to sit at a table together customizing each and every solution.  However, standards are not enough!

How can all parties be sure they are implementing the standards properly and how can users be sure the implementations were correct?  The answer: Certification.

Certification verifies the standard is consistently interpreted and properly implemented.  It also gives end-users and those building complementary solutions an assurance that a given implementation complies with the standard.

Download My Data & Connect My Data

For Green Button solutions, companies collecting and providing energy usage data, like utilities (known as ‘Data Custodians’ in Green Button lingo) can make the data available by two different methods: Download or Connect.


“Download My Data (DMD)”

…allows an individual or company to download their energy usage data (electric, gas, water, etc.) to a file that can be opened by software and applications of their choosing.

Green Button Certified Download My Data® (DMD) testing for Data Custodians is available today!

DMD Certification Application (DOC)


“Connect My Data (CMD)”

…allows an individual or company to authorize a different company (known as a ‘Third Party’ in Green Button lingo) to gather their data directly from their Data Custodian without requiring the sharing of login credentials with that Third Party

Green Button Certified Connect My Data® (CMD) testing for Data Custodians is available at the end of August 2018!

CMD application download (DOC)


Green Button Certified Connect My Data® (CMD) testing for Third Parties (app developers and providers) is coming a bit later this year; that program is just getting underway.  More details can be found here as we have them.


Our company provides Data.  How do we get Certified?

Data Custodian Green Button Certified DMD® (Download My Data) certification has been available since 2015 and Green Button Certified CMD® (Connect My Data) is available at the end of August 2018!  Complete and submit the appropriate MS Word -formatted application to get started with Certification…

Data Custodian DMD Certification Application
Data Custodian CMD Certification Application

OK, Certification is a good thing but do I really need it?

If you already have a Green Button Download My Data solution, you can test your DMD files all by yourself, in just a few minutes—for free—to confirm the files meet Certification requirements; and if they don't, we’d be happy to discuss how they can: 

DMD Green Button File Validator

Underwriters Laboratories, UL, is our first Certification Body.  We’ll get you started in the process and UL will do the rest.  Certification testing can be done remotely, in just a few hours (after payment and scheduling for testing are handled).


Marketing-wise, you may find that formal certification, the benefit of showing the Green Button Certified DMD® or Green Button Certified CMD®  mark, and being listed in our database can help you promote your solution to a broader audience; giving you more value for the solution you’ve already created.

If you are still not quite sure it’s right for you, contact us to learn more; we’d be happy to discuss the opportunities.

Is there a Third-Party ‘application’ Certification?

We’re not certifying Third-Party applications (the applications that use the data produced by ‘Data Custodians’) just yet but you can still promote your products by becoming members of the Green Button Alliance and working with our non-profit organization to grow the market, increase awareness, and promote solutions to the world.

We would be pleased to have you be a part of our community and outreach engine. 

We do intend to have Third-Party CMD Certification and we are working hard to complete it.  Check back here in 2018Q4 for details.