Tech Brief | Green Button Data Streamlines Energy Management & Reporting for Commercial Buildings

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Green Button Energy Data Streamlines Energy Management and Reporting for Commercial Buildings
An increasing number of U.S. states, cities, and international jurisdictions are implementing, or considering, policies that require large commercial and multi-unit residential buildings to collect and report energy consumption and benchmark building performance. Easy access to accurate energy-consumption data is essential in order for building-energy managers to understand and manage building-energy usage, drive efficiency programs, and meet increasing mandates for reporting building-energy consumption.
Green Button Connect My Data the industry’s secure energy data access and sharing protocol is designed to enable facility managers to access and collect timely, whole-building, energy consumption, generation, and billing data in a consistent format. Green Button methods ensure data integrity and accuracy, eliminate the need for manual data entry, and simplify the data collection-and-reporting process across multiple buildings and utilities.
Do You Know?
  • The Green Button UsagePoint metering capability enables energy managers to link multiple-meter energy usage with location to identify individual buildings; streamlining energy reporting for multiple consumption points.
  • The Green Button Summary Billing capability enables utilities to provide billing information; such as energy usage and administrative fees. 
Leveraging utility-provided Green Button energy data, energy managers can make adjustments faster, can securely share the data with solution providers for further analysis, and can more-easily and accurately report the data for portfolio management, compliance, or sustainability programs.
Member companies of the Green Button Alliance that are serving the commercial and industrial building sector with feature-rich, energy-management platforms and solutions that optimize building performance and engage customers include Logical Buildings, ZOME, and Agave Systems. Market research is available from the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA).