Tech Brief | GBA Offers New Technical Education & Pre-Certification Testing Services

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GBA Now Offers New Technical Education and Pre-Certification Testing Services

New Pre-Certification Services Cost-Effectively Support and Speed ‘Green Button Certified’ Utility Solutions to Market

The GBA offers the industry’s only Green Button Connect My Data® (CMD) and Green Button Download My Data® (DMD) Testing and Certification program for data custodians including utilities (electricity, natural gas, and water); community choice aggregators (CCAs); municipalities, and vendors to utilities.

In addition to the GBA’s existing Green Button CMD, DMD, and Combination CMD+DMD Certification testing services that can be viewed and purchased online, the GBA also now offers new Technical Education and Pre-Certification Testing services to assist utilities, and vendors to utilities, in developing and readying Green Button standards-compliant solutions prior to submitting the solutions for Green Button Certification testing.

The new Pre-Certification Testing services are available to those companies who have already purchased a Green Button Certification Testing session and provide a streamlined and cost-effective path to assist developers in preparing standards-compliant platforms aimed at successfully passing the Green Button Certification Testing session on the first attempt.Learn more about GBA’s Green Button Technical Education, Pre-Certification, and Certification services.

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