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Member Spotlights,

Rodan Energy Solutions is a leading North American DER Aggregator, provider of Demand Response services, Energy Intelligence Solutions, Metering, Telemetry & SCADA, and Power Systems Engineering.  Serving commercial and industrial energy users as well as power distribution and generation companies — we believe in a clean energy future and are committed to Making Sustainable, Attainable.

Rodan Energy has been a member of the Green Button Alliance since 2021 and launched its first Green Button third-party application in 2023 in the United States.

The Value of Green Button

  • Supports data democratization through sharing of energy use data with third-parties and developers through a standardized format.
  • Fosters greater energy usage awareness and innovation among application developers, irrespective of their location and with a greater focus on harvesting data value than the means to acquire it.
  • For Rodan customers, Green Button data is an enabler of valuable services and applications that require Settlement data such as Demand Response programs.
  • Green Button data access can be easily enabled (and disabled) on-line, without the necessity of signing and exchanging authorization documents — resulting in a faster and less onerous time to benefit.
  • Green Button allows Third-Party Application Providers such as Rodan Energy to focus more on energy intelligence or other value-add services and technology for its Customers vs. data acquisition development or manual tasks of requesting or downloading meter data.
  • For customers participating in Demand Response programs, the Green Button initiative will now enable Utility data to be accessed quickly and securely, while protecting customer privacy.

Rodan Energy Solutions plans to roll-out its Green Button application in the Ontario IESO market in 2023.  Follow Rodan Energy Solutions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.