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“Agave® Systems has developed a unique data analysis platform comprised of software as a service (SaaS) tools and on-site control systems that provides its clients with the opportunity to manage their facilities more effectively. The solution brings real-time utility rate data together with real-time energy usage to provide key metrics, trends, and notifications for you to decide how you use energy.”
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Data Access Initiatives Continue to Progress in U.S.
In the U.S., the number of states and utilities working to increase customer access to their energy-usage data—and for customer-authorized third parties—continues to grow. A recent report by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, the " 50 States of Grid Modernization: Q1 2019 Quarterly Report, May 2019 ," notes, among other trends, that bills expanding customer data access were under consideration in at least nine states during Q1, 2019. In addition to state bills, energy plans for effective grid modernization from states and utilities are also progressing:
  • 10 June: New Jersey's Draft 2019 Energy Master Plan called for customers to have easy access to standardized energy data and the ability to share data with third-party providers.
  • 30 May: In its quarterly IT investment report (.PDF), National Grid (NY) notes its Green Button Connect project is scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2020.
  • 25 March: The Hawaii Public Utility Commission, approved, subject to conditions, Hawaiian Electric Company's (HECO) request to begin implementing Phase 1 of its Grid Modernization Strategy, which includes enabling both customers and customer-authorized third-parties with access to standardized Green Button data.
In addition, state policy makers continue to hold energy-data work-group meetings to discuss best practices for providing utility customers with access to their energy data and the ability to share those data with third-parties. The Green Button Alliance participates in work-group meetings to educate on the many capabilities of Green Button  Connect My Data: the industry’s utility-data access protocol and its ability to enable utility customers to authorize the secure sharing of their data for additional analysis. Work-group meetings were recently held in Maryland and Ohio:
  • 21 June: The Maryland Public Service Commission held its Competitive Markets and Customer Choice Workgroup: Green Button Connect / Data Access. The GBA discussed how utilities can implement the Green Button standard to ensure customer data privacy and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII); along with other benefits of utility-provided Green Button standardized data. A presentation on the Department of Energy's (DOE) DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program followed.
  • 23 May: The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) held its third PowerForward Modern Grid Data Workgroup meeting. The GBA addressed the key benefits enabled by Green Button standards-based energy-data sharing, including: how the Green Button standard is designed to ensure a customer's PII is protected; how the design allows for assurance of data in-transit; and the best protection methods for data at-rest.
New PG&E Share My Data Customer Video Success Stories
A GBA founding member and board member company PG&E makes its Share My Data platform (powered by Green Button Connect My Data ) available to all its over-16,000,000 customers in California. To date, PG&E has on-boarded over 100 third-party energy solution providers to its Share My Data platform providing a broad range of apps and services from which its customers can easily choose and authorize to securely share their standardized Green Button energy data.
The third-party applications help customers to understand their energy usage, make informed energy-management decisions, and save costs. PG&E recently streamlined its online authentication and authorization process to enable customers to authorize data release to vendors of their choice in just two clicks and four screens. To learn more about PG&E's Share My Data, energy-efficiency apps, and the benefits of secure energy-data sharing, watch PG&E’s new Share My Data customer-success video stories . 
Green Button Alliance
The GBA Welcomes New Board Member
The Green Button Alliance is proud to welcome GBA sponsor member Exelon Corporation's Da'Janel Roberts-Smith, Sr. Business Project Manager, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) to the GBA's Board of Directors . Roberts-Smith replaces James Eber, Manager, Demand Response & Dynamic Planning, ComEd, who has represented Exelon as a member of the GBA board for the past three years. The GBA thanks Jim, Da'Janel, and Exelon for their continued participation in the Alliance and on the board.
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OhmConnect’s MEGA Summer Program Mobilizes Californians to Manage Energy Use
GBA member and board member company OhmConnect has kicked off its second annual statewide MEGA Summer energy-savings program , which enables Californians to better manage their home energy use at critical times in an effort to help the grid while reducing environmental impacts—and it pays out rewards and cash to participants weekly. Last year, more than 100,000 Californians participated in the MEGA Summer program, collectively reducing energy use by 500 MWh. MEGA Summer 2019 runs from 01 June - 30 September and utility customers in the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) service areas can sign-up for free. To learn more about the program, or to sign-up if you're in California, visit .
GBA Members Recognized for Innovation!
On 20 June, the consortium of London Hydro with Electron, ENMAX, University of Western Ontario, Navigant, and Gowling WLG was announced as a finalist team in the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan/RNCan) and United Kingdom (UK) Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s PowerForward Challenge. The aim of the Canada-UK PowerForward Challenge is for Canada and the UK to collaborate to envision and demonstrate breakthrough smart grid solutions that modernize the way they access clean, flexible and reliable energy. The finalist teams were selected from 44 project proposals and are eligible to receive up to CAD $3 million (£1.8 million) to begin building their smart-energy solution.
On 14 May, eIQ Mobility , and 14 other start-up companies, participated in the IlluminationLAB start-up challenge held in Columbus, Ohio, co-hosted by American Electric Power (AEP) and the American Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). eIQ Mobility was named the winner of the start-up challenge during the Illumination Energy Summit held 15-16 May. As the winner of the challenge, eIQ Mobility will run a 10-week fleet electrification project with AEP to scale and test eIQ Mobility’s cloud-based, fleet machine-learning technology with fleet, meter, and other data.
On 14 May, the Canadian Electricity Association hosted its 2019 Centre of Excellence to showcase innovation in electricity. London Hydro was named a Centre of Excellence award winner for its " Shaping Customer Experience Using Real-time Controls and Green Button (Youth Project)" pilot which combined critical peak demand response events and "behind the meter" energy-management tools to help customers understand energy impacts in real-time, powered by Green Button. London Hydro's Trickl mobile app simplified customer engagement by consolidating in-home device control, energy monitoring, and demand response.
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  • The GBA hosts the OpenADE Task Force technical meetings every Tuesday at 3:00pm ET, both GBA members and non-members are invited to attend. Visit the GBA's online calendar for logistics.
  • The GBA's next All-Member "Pulse" Call will be held via dial-in and web on 09 July at 2:00pm EDT. Participation logistics will be emailed to GBA Members.
  • The GBA's monthly Green Button Global Marketing Meetings occur the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm ET. Due to July holidays, the next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 07 August. All GBA members are invited to attend this 30-minute meeting. Participation logistics will be emailed to GBA Members. Members can also login to download the information.
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