Newsletter | June 2017

Chairman's View |

Syed Mir, Chairman
This is truly an exciting time for the energy industry and their customers as more and more utilities are looking into providing access to energy-consumption data in the standardized Green Button format. In addition, the energy service providers that are already offering Green Button Data are now looking to extend the standard's broad functionality beyond their initial Green Button platforms and are conceiving of  -  and implementing  -  new and interesting products and services to address customer needs and regulatory requirements. 
To hear how these innovative utilities are leveraging Green Button, we invite you to attend the Green Button Alliance's webinar, "Utilities Educating on Green Button," taking place on 28 June at 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT. 
Vendors and third-party Green Button Data application developers are also rapidly bringing outstanding new products and services to market that utilize standardized energy-consumption data and take advantage of the security and flexibility the Green Button standard was designed to ensure. We're impressed and inspired by the remarkable solutions our members are bringing to market. Read about new solutions from Personal BlackBox, London Hydro, Solar Analytics, Energy Toolbase, and ComEd, below.
In this issue, we feature  Solar Analytics   in our "Member Spotlight." Founded by top solar industry experts, Solar Analytics is a revolutionary solar-monitoring company that provides intelligent monitoring for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Read about their new "My Solar App" and other offerings below.
Lastly, we encourage our members - utilities, vendors, and affiliate organizations - to attend our Green Button Global Marketing Committee call on   Wednesday 12 July .  For anyone bringing apps utilizing Green Button data to market, it'll be a meeting of interest!
─Syed Mir, Chairman
Member Spotlight | 
With 14,000 sales, headquarters in Sydney, Australia and a US office in the Powerhouse incubator in Oakland, California, Solar Analytics is making serious inroads into helping householders and small businesses to connect with their solar and electricity.
With the majority of households experiencing high levels of stress around electricity bills, Solar Analytics uses solar and energy monitoring software to help people reduce their bills and keep their solar systems working to capacity. Solar Analytics does this by monitoring electricity consumption and overlaying that data with solar generation, solar exported and solar used in their home. Customers can access this data with an easy-to-understand interface on any device, anywhere.
Solar Analytics' Smart Solar Monitoring
The team's data scientists identify performance issues using their patented algorithms and local weather data to alert users about solar system problems as they start to occur.
This month Solar Analytics launched their iOS My Solar App in the Apple Store, providing a native app experience for their users, making it even easier to stay connected with their solar and energy.
Solar Analytics monitoring is also a key tool for the solar sales channel; solar retailers can provide their customers with confidence in their system quotation, and then ongoing system performance. They can keep an eye on their fleet and use real data to accurately quote for batteries and additional solar requirements. The software enables a long-term relationship between the solar retailer and customer, and customer and their solar.
Solar Analytics CEO Stefan Jarnason said, "We're extremely pleased to be able to utilise Green Button Data as part of our analysis of residential and commercial electricity generation and consumption; this data forms an important part of our key value proposition to help customers to reduce their electricity bills and make the most of their home energy."
As Solar Analytics dives more deeply into the Smart Home Energy space with solar diversion to hot water systems, community solar and battery control, Green Button Data will be even more crucial to reach the wider marketplace.  Connect with Solar Analytics on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter and Instagram .
Member News |
GBA Member Companies at CSWeek...
London Hydro won a CSWeek "Expanding Excellence" award  for "Best Mobility Implementation."  To learn more about London Hydro ' s application and hear from its customers, view this video . 
Exelon Corporation, was named as a winner of the "Innovation in Digital Customer Engagement" award. 
Baltimore Gas & Electric, an Exelon company, received a "Best Analytics Project" award with Pacific Gas & Electric receiving the runner-up in that category and level. 
Congratulations to our members on their achievements and for receiving this industry recognition!
In the headlines...
The Green Button standard is featured in the article "How Focused Data Use Analysis Leads to Energy Efficiency" by Klaar De Schepper in this month's issue of Buildings Operating Management magazine.
Green Button Alliance member the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative's (SGCC) consumer education site features a page dedicated to educating consumers about their Green Button data. 
Member Company Solution Feature...

Personal BlackBox (PBB) , based in New York City, is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to champion data independence and help unlock its value. 
PPB's Greenr app for iPhone
Last month, PBB launched its Greenr app for iPhone with utility data from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) as part of the Green Button initiative.  After granting PBB permission to securely download their account data, the Greenr app allows customers in the PG&E service territory to view their electric usage and cost. In addition to this information, the app seeks to help customers learn how to become more "green" by providing curated content, surveys, quizzes and offers.  
Learn about PBB's platform architecture, which helps unlock revenue and insights for enterprises, advertisers and consumers in a trusted, mutually beneficial ecosystem. Visit PBB at Follow PBB on Twitter at @PBBCompany.
Events & Activities | 
Energy Toolbase Training Session at Solar Expo
Last month, GBA member Energy Toolbase, a software platform for modeling and analyzing solar and energy storage projects, exhibited at the California Solar Power Expo held 1-2 May, in San Diego and Solar Power SouthEast held 11-12 May, in Atlanta, Georgia. During the events, Energy Toolbase previewed their new energy storage module which will officially launch next month. 
At the Solar Power Expo, Energy Toolbase and GBA member UtilityAPI presented the "New Era of DER Project Development" Technical Training session where they demonstrated how to leverage Green Button Data to analyze solar and storage, time of use (TOU) rates, and Net Energy Metering (NEM) 2.0 scenarios. They also discussed their recent integration which enables Energy Toolbase users to instantly import energy billing and usage data between both applications. Check out their webinar on how to best leverage Green Button Data. Energy Toolbase also offers a resource guide "The Value of Interval Meter Data in Solar PV Project Analysis." Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Energy Toolbase here.
What's Next?
The Green Button Alliance's upcoming webinar " Utilities Educating on Green Button" will be held 28 June from 10:00-11:00am PDT / 1:00-2:00pm EDT. GBA members Amy Kight Costadone of PG&EKim Cresencia of SDG&E and Zoran Stojanovic of London Hydro will expertly  educate attendees about these utilities' Green Button platforms, programs and services, and the benefits of the Green Button energy-data -access and -sharing standard is enabling. Q&A will follow. Register here for the webinar. 
On 29 June 2017, GBA member the  SGCC  will host a webinar: " Utilities Focused on Enabling the Smart Grid Market: How to Leverage Usage Data to Benefit All " featuring Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) - a subsidiary of GBA member Exelon Corporation - and participants from Elevate Energy and ISEIF, who will discuss ComEd's new Anonymous Data Service. Register  here .
The Green Button Alliance is a media partner of the  3rd New York Energy REVolution Summit  which will be held 1-3 August 2017 in New York. The event will bring together utility, distributed energy resource (DER) providers, renewable energy, storage, and other stakeholders to discuss how to create development processes that are workable and projects that are viable.  Register at this link to automatically receive the GBA's 15% discount for members and nonmembers.
The Green Button Alliance is a member of the  Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) . The SGCC will hold it's  2017 Members Meeting & Fall Workshop  13-14 September, at Austin Energy's headquarters in Austin, Texas. View the  agenda  here. SGCC members are invited to attend free of charge. Register  here  to attend.
The  2017 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)  will be held in Atlanta, Georgia,  27-29 September 2017. Donald F. Coffin, GBA's Technical Manager, will participate on the " Smart Meters and The Utility Data Access Revolution "  session taking-place on 27 September from 2:30-4:30pm. 
Mr. Coffin will expertly present a comprehensive look at Green Button Data during his " Green Button Data: A Deep Dive " talk. Former United States President, George W. Bush, will be a featured guest at t his 40th anniversary of WEEC.  Register   here.   Follow on Twitter: @AEE #WEEC.
Green Button Alliance
All members are invited to attend the Green Button Global Marketing Committee meetings that usually take-place the first Wednesday of each month.  Due to U.S. and Canadian holidays, this next meeting will be held the second Wednesday, on 12 July, at 12:00 noon PDT / 3:00pm EDT.  For the complete listing of meetings in which the Green Button Alliance is participating, see our    teleconference and meeting calendar.
For a listing of current and upcoming events including VERGE Hawaii (20-22 June); Municipal Smart Grid Summit (25-27 June); Grid Edge World Forum (27-29 June); BOMA 2017 Intl. Conf. & Expo (24-27 June); SEPA Grid Evolution Summit (25-27 July); 3rd NY Energy REVolution (1-3 August) and RESO 2017 Fall Conference (17-19 October),  please visit the Green Button Alliance's  industry events calendar.
Kind regards,

Barry Haaser, Executive Director
Jeremy J. Roberts, General Manager
Donald F. Coffin, Technical Manager
Valdis Hellevik, PR Manager