Newsletter | January 2019

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CustomerFirst - 1000h
“CustomerFirst is a collaboration of Ontario electricity utilities with geographic coverage spanning the province. Through collaboration, we assist our utilities with designing and implementing clean energy portfolios and programs including energy efficiency for residential, low-income, commercial and industrial customers.”
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GBA News & Updates |
KWHCoin Offers New Energy Token Rewards Program for Electric Cooperatives
GBA member KWHCoin is offering a new E nergy Token Rewards program for electric cooperatives to assist members of cooperatives with lowering their energy costs. The new program enables renewable energy data to be integrated on the KWHCoin blockchain and energy usage to be accurately tracked while incentivizing renewable energy generation and energy efficiency with rewards of KWHCoin energy tokens. Cooperative members can use the tokens to offset their electricity costs or keep them in digital wallets for tracking or exchange on one of the six global digital currency exchanges on which KWHCoin is traded.
UtilityAPI’s New Utility Data Exchange Platform Certified as Green Button CMD- and DMD-Compliant!
The Green Button Alliance announced GBA member UtilityAPI’s new EE/DER Engagement Platform — a data-exchange platform offering for utilities —has been tested and certified as compliant with both the Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) protocols for electricity and natural gas with billing data and the Download My Data (DMD) data access method for electricity, natural gas, and water usage with billing data. The company's EE/DER Engagement platform was tested and achieved compliance through the GBA’s Green Button Testing and Verification Program. UtilityAPI now offers a Green Button Certified solution to utilities looking to provide seamless customer usage data-access and -sharing, while ensuring customer data privacy.
Member Spotlight |
ZOME Energy Networks provides building owners and energy providers with solutions that enable energy efficiency, revenue generation, and wholesale energy trading.
ZOMEHOME is a residential smart energy program, available as a mobile app, which allows homeowners to register their thermostats, appliances, electric vehicle chargers, solar arrays, and storage with ZOMECLOUD. ZOMEHOME works to reduce a homeowner’s energy bill and enrolls their home in rewards programs that help balance the grid and diminish greenhouse gases that pollute our planet.
ZOMECLOUD is a cloud-based grid orchestration platform that provides control and optimization algorithms for distributed energy resource (DER) management, energy efficiency control systems, and demand response (DR) programs. ZOME’s machine-learning and artificial intelligence algorithms follow end-user energy consumption patterns to reduce energy demand without sacrificing comfort levels.
ZOMEKIT for Apartments combines smart energy IoT devices, a wireless, point-to-point mesh network, and connectivity to ZOMECLOUD using broadband cellular technology. ZOMEKIT provides apartment building owners with a cost-effective way to instrument conventional buildings with wireless smart devices that leverage solar and storage to convert their building into a full-fledged, revenue generating micro-grid.
ZOME continues to receive industry recognition. Following a number of recent accolades including being selected by CIO Review as “ Company of the Year ” and being featured on the cover of Energy CIO Insights magazine, ZOME's ZOMEKIT for Apartments recently won first place, "Best of Innovators", in the highly competitive "Smart Cities" category at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Having reliable meter data is essential in providing energy efficiency and DR programs. Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) is ideal for measuring the success of energy management programs to residential customers. ZOME utilizes this data to calculate savings and measure the effectiveness of programs with energy providers.
“ZOME’s turnkey, energy-management programs effectively leverage utility-provided, standardized Green Button energy usage data to help utilities achieve sustainable-energy programs and to enable building owners—from homes to vast apartment towers—the verifiable energy measurements through trusted Green Button data for DR programs now in operation and new DERMS programs to come,” said Brad Kayton, COO, ZOME.
ZOME is always looking for innovative energy providers that are interested in creating new energy efficiency and DR programs leveraging large-scale apartment buildings and complexes. Follow ZOME on Twitter and LinkedIn.  
Green Button Alliance Meetings |
GBA's Upcoming All-Member Meetings
  • The GBA's monthly Green Button Global Marketing Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm ET. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 06 February. All members are invited to attend. Email with participation logistics for this 30-minute meeting will be sent-out—or login to download the information.
  • The GBA's All-Member "Pulse" Call will be held via dial-in and web on 19 February at 2:00pm ET. Participation logistics will be sent to GBA members by email prior to the meeting.
  • The GBA hosts the OpenADE Task Force technical meetings every week on Tuesdays, at 3:00pm ET, for both Members and non-Members. Visit our online calendar for logistics.
For a full listing of GBA meetings and events, please see our calendar.  
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Upcoming Events |
04 February 2019
Co-located with DistribuTECH
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
18-19 February 2019
Austin, Texas, USA
GBA Members at Upcoming Events |
  • 18-20 February: ENGIE and Smart Energy Water (SEW) will be speaking at the Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer event on the "Optimizing Control with Energy Data" session.
  • 09-10 May: London Hydro will keynote and speak during the C-Suite panel, and ZOME Energy Networks will present on the "Blockchain and its Application in Utilities" session, at the Digital Utilities of the Future 2 event being held in Toronto, Canada.

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