London Hydro Leverages Standardized, Green Button Energy Usage Data for Energy Conservation Pilot

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London Hydro Leverages Standardized, Green Button Energy Usage Data for Innovative New Energy-Conservation Pilot
GBA member London Hydro recently announced the Plus Pilot — an innovative energy-conservation pilot that is providing a select number of London Hydro customers with smart home devices to test leading-edge energy-management tools. The project aims to enable participants with the ability to shift their electricity usage times to reduce usage costs, while lowering the carbon footprint of their homes within a comfort profile they select.
For the Plus Pilot, participants are equipped with smart home appliances from LG Canada and London Hydro’s Trickl Plus mobile app — a new energy-management app developed for the pilot that leverages standardized Green Button energy usage data. Utilizing the Trickl Plus mobile app, pilot participants are testing the ability to: shift their electricity usage to hours when community electricity demand and the simulated hourly rate is lower, enabling them to reduce electricity demand during peak periods; increase their opportunity for a predictable bill using the hourly rate; access virtual shares of community solar and battery; and connect and manage devices and appliances using the Trickl Plus app.
Building on the success of its Green Button initiative, and for this Plus Pilot, London Hydro partnered with Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company working to make cities more sustainable and affordable for all. “This partnership allows both companies to capitalize on our joint strengths to push the boundaries of traditional electricity services,” said Syed ‌Mir,‌ ‌VP‌ ‌Corporate‌ ‌Services‌ ‌and‌ ‌CIO, London Hydro. “Projects like this help London Hydro to continue to provide its customers with new solutions to help them better manage their electrical needs.” Follow London Hydro on LinkedIn and Twitter.