Fort Collins Utilities and UtilityAPI Team-Up to Smooth the Path to Decarbonization

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Fort Collins Utilities and UtilityAPI Team-Up to Smooth the Path to Decarbonization
Customers are eager to fight climate change, starting in their own homes. In November 2020, Fort Collins Utilities, a Colorado municipal utility, gave its customers and contractors MyData — secure, authorized access to the high quality data they'll need to do it.
MyData, powered by GBA member UtilityAPI, leverages Green Button Connect My Data to let users share their energy and water data with authorized third parties. MyData's access to data simplifies and speeds up the start of clean energy projects for all involved.
Over 20 energy efficiency, real estate, and solar solution providers have registered to receive free data. Janelle McGill, a green Realtor and consultant, is one of them. "In the past, it was cumbersome for my clients to get the information I needed. This portal makes the process faster, as well as more accurate. It was easy to sign up and it is easy to request utility data for my clients. It's a clever solution," said McGill.
MyData also includes a benchmarking tool. It lets building owners and managers easily connect their ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® accounts to MyData's dashboard in order to automatically upload usage data to Portfolio Manager. MyData's benchmarking tool represents the first Green Button Connect My Data authorization-and-consent integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
For a brief demo of MyData, see UtilityAPI's "Innovator's Showcase" video from the GBA's 2020 General Meeting in October. Follow UtilityAPI on LinkedIn and Twitter.