GBA Marks ‘Green Button Certified’ Milestone

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GBA Marks Green Button Certified Milestone with Over 75 Implementations Certified as Compliant to the Green Button Connect My Data and Download My Data Open-Data Standards

The GBA recently announced it has tested and Certified over 75 Green Button® implementations as compliant to the North American Energy Standards Board’s (NAESB) Retail Energy Quadrant, Book 21 (REQ.21) Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard, commonly known as the Green Button standard.

The Green Button Certified™ implementations support regulators’ grid modernization efforts; utilities’ digital-transformation strategies; meet customer demands for digital access to utility data, and mark the broadening availability of energy-data access and exchange implementations that are Certified to include the numerous key benefits [pdf] of the Green Button standard including ensuring customer data privacy and seamless data interoperability and scalability of solutions.

The 75 Green Button Certified implementations include Green Button Connect My Data® (CMD) data-exchange platforms and Download My Data® (DMD) energy-data-access solutions provided by investor-owned utilities (IOUs), community choice aggregators (CCAs), municipalities, and other solution providers in the U.S. and Canada. The Green Button Certified implementations enable utilities to provide their customers with new standards-based, open data-enabled platforms, apps, and services that allow customers to authorize to share their data with third-party providers of their choice or to select-and-download their standardized utility data for use in apps or uploading to services of their choice.

Green Button implementations enable utility customers to manage their energy consumption, reduce costs, and take advantage of a multitude of new utility-provided, Green Button data-enabled services that support energy efficiency and decarbonization goals.

Read the announcement or learn more about the GBA’s Testing and Certification program.