Chairman's View | 2017-05

Posted By: Syed Mir Viewpoints,
While the Green Button data standard was developed in the United States, it is now recognized globally as the energy industry's data-usage standard for securely accessing and sharing home and building energy-consumption information. The Green Button standard enables utilities to provide customers with three types of usage data:   electricity, natural gas, and water. By making customers' data available via simple and secure methods, utilities and service providers better serve their customers; meet the rapidly growing market demand for data; assure customer privacy; meet regulatory requirements; and provide data for energy-efficiency and public-purpose programs.
As those of us in the Northern hemisphere head toward the sunnier months of the year, we are reminded of the numerous benefits Green Button provides for the solar industry, including the ability to quickly obtain high -resolution interval-meter and billing data; model and accurately assess optimum solar system size; monitor existing solar system installations for system performance; and much more. 
This month we feature Energy Toolbase in the "Member Spotlight."  In less than three years, Energy Toolbase's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform has become a leading solution for accurately, objectively, and transparently analyzing solar and distributed energy resource (DER) projects.  Read more about Energy Toolbase, below. In addition to the solar industry, Green Button data also provide highly sought-after benefits to the real-estate industry and to commercial-building managers. 
Like the standard itself, the Green Button Alliance is also global and benefits many industry segments. Join us as we grow the Green Button ecosystem and bring the benefits of the industries' energy- and water-usage data standard to the worldwide market.

─Syed Mir, Chairman