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Cleartrace is a leading energy and carbon accounting company, implementing digital infrastructure to create 100% accurate and verifiable energy and emissions data.  Used by major clients, including JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Renewable, Cleartrace offers advanced methods in collecting and enhancing energy consumption and production data to deliver meaningful proof of carbon reduction.  With decades of experience in energy markets, data management and banking, the Cleartrace team equips corporations, real estate owners, renewable energy suppliers, policymakers and investors with the tools to achieve their sustainability and financial goals.

With the public and regulators spurring organizations to elevate corporate sustainability, there is a strong need for 24/7 carbon tracking and accounting tools to verify the legitimacy of corporate sustainability initiatives.  Specifically in NYC, Local Law 97 is creating strict carbon compliance and reporting standards.  Now more than ever, it’s critical that corporations and building owners are able to prove their decarbonization efforts and ensure the validity of their sustainability metrics to investors, customers, and employees.

Carbon Accounting

Cleartrace solves this by creating an immutable audit trail across the energy supply chain for their customers: large corporations, real estate owners and renewable energy suppliers.  By using Cleartrace's carbon accounting software, clients are equipped with a digital and immutable means of reporting, audit, and compliance by accessing their 24/7 energy data through an ongoing stream.

“Carbon accounting technologies will bring clear, quantifiable metrics to the table and companies that do their part to reduce their emissions and use such technologies will reap the highest financial rewards and, quite frankly, embarrass the competition,”

 Lincoln Payton, Cleartrace CEO.

Cleartrace connects its API to building and renewable energy meters to get the most accurate data on energy consumption and production, and then organizes and secures this data into unique digital records through publication to a secure blockchain.  Cleartrace then layers on additional sources of data, such as market data and grid carbon intensity, offering integrations that enable clients to create meaningful, in-depth reports on carbon mitigation.  Clients can choose to go a step further as Cleartrace takes their hourly energy usage and carbon data and places them in a digital container to create verifiable carbon credits.  These credits can be used for compliance and audits, investor reporting, carbon trading and more.

Cleartrace is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance (GBA) and aligns with the importance of standardized energy usage data.  Cleartrace leverages Green Button standardized data in order to simplify customer usage data access and enable their innovative carbon tracking and 24/7 carbon free energy solutions.

The company looks forward to working with more major corporations to help them achieve and report on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

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