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Member Spotlights,

At UtilityAPI, our mission is to bring those we serve the best access to functional energy usage data.  Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.  We see a future where the data we provide is used to build a more flexible, resilient energy grid.

We are experts in energy data access, providing quick and secure energy usage data to the leading names in distributed solar, battery storage, energy efficiency, and energy management companies.  Now, with the help of the U.S. Department of Energy, we are bringing this market to utilities through our Green Button-compliant, ready-built data exchange platform.

UtilityAPI is trusted by regulators and utilities to provide technical expertise for building compliant data exchange systems.  In fact, we helped write the technical protocols that are currently being implemented in markets across the country.  As board members of the Green Button Alliance, we have been working diligently to usher in a new universal standard for the exchange of energy usage data.  Because of our leadership in the sector, we are the go-to testing resource for utilities who are adopting new data exchange protocols.

Security is an upmost priority for us, our platform is highly secure, isolated and auditable.  We were early adopters of the U.S. Department of Energy's DataGuard Data Privacy Program.  We operate under strict customer consent and never aggregate or sell anonymized customer data or insights, and never will.

UtilityAPI is proud to have won two U.S. Department of Energy grants.  One for our work with DER's and the other for our work supporting utilities.  Both awards reflect our mission of serving both sides of the data exchange pipeline.

Using UtilityAPI, developers can create projects that optimize individual slices of the grid, utilities can build flexibility and resilience into their operations, and we can all benefit from a world powered by smart-clean-efficient-data.  Follow UtilityAPI on LinkedIn, on Twitter @UtilityAPI, and Facebook.