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☆ NEW ☆  GBA Annual General Meeting (2021-11-04)

{1 hour, 48 minutes}

"Energy Data -Enabled Decarbonization"

This year's Annual General Meeting was open to the public. We invite you to view the meeting to learn from some great speakers, see our accomplishments, hear discussion of today's hot topics for usage data, and to learning about where we're headed next. We hope you enjoy it.

  • 0:00:00 The GBA Annual General Meeting 2021
  • 0:00:37 Agenda
  • 0:02:11 Our Chairman, Syed Mir
  • 0:03:41 Vision & Mission of the Alliance
  • 0:06:00 Announcement of the newly elected Participating Board Representatives
  • 0:08:21 The 2022 Board of Directors
  • 0:11:51 Current GBA Member Companies and Organizations
  • 0:13:21 Green Button Value Proposition
  • 0:16:37 Green Button Energy Data Value Creation
  • 0:17:07 Year in Review - Accomplishments
  • 0:19:35 November 1st, Ontario Announcement
  • 0:20:13 Data-Access Initiatives Update
  • 0:24:32 Website Activities and Social-Media Outreach
  • 0:28:00 Strategic Focus for 2022
  • 0:32:45 Keynote: Usman Syed, Ontario Ministry of Energy
  • 0:48:24 Keynote: Donald M. Kreis, New Hampshire Office of the Consumer Advocate
  • 1:06:14 Chairman's Awards
  • 1:09:06 GBA Innovator Showcase: UtilityAPI
  • 1:21:51 GBA Innovator Showcase: Logical Buildings
  • 1:36:16 GBA Innovator Showcase: London Hydro
  • 1:44:33 GBA Innovator Showcase: Big Data Energy Services
  • 1:47:03 Closing of the Meeting

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Standardization of Private Data in Energy Markets (2021-02-23)

{2 hours, 54 minutes}


“Increasingly, private data (both personal data and commercially sensitive data) is being made available in energy markets. This workshop will provide views from grid operators, startups, European Commission, US government, and other organizations on the evolving rules for the use of data in energy markets in both Europe and North America. It will also address possibilities for standardization around topics such as consent management of data and flexibility markets.

“Featured Speakers will include Giulia Serra, European Commission, DG ENER; Jeremy Roberts, Green Button Alliance; and Georg Hartner, Austrian Energy, EU Smart Grid Task Force EG1.

“This webinar is co-organized by IEEE SA and Elering.”

  • 0:01:50 - Introduction of Speakers (Rudy Schubert, IEEE SA)
  • 0:02:54 - Opening Statements (Georg Rute, Elering)
  • 0:06:24​ - Importance of Data in Energy Systems (Giulia Serra, European Commission)
  • 0:29:32​ - Green Button: Creating the Open Standard for Secure Consumer Access to Energy (David Wollman, NIST)
  • 0:48:32​ - Green Button Today: Enabling Secure, Digital Access and Sharing of Standardized Energy Data (Jeremy J. Roberts, GBA)
  • 1:14:16​ - Panel Session: Grid Operators Versus Emerging Market Players (Kalle Kukk, Elering; Maximilian Urban, Netz-NOE / E.DSO; Fedder Skovgaard, Energinet, ENTSO-E; Daniel Roesler, UtilityAPI; Michael Murray, Mission:data; Simone Accornero, Fexidao)
  • 1:45:43​ - Towards Complementarity of EUMED Market/Metering Profiles: “My Energy Data” Standard (Eric Lambert, EDF, IEC TC 57)
  • 2:03:48​ - Panel Session: Standardization Initiatives (Rudi Schubert, IEEE SA; Eric Lambert, EDF / IEC TC 57; Bas de Vrind, Alliander; Kalle Kukk, Elering / EU-SysFlex; Gerrit Fokkema, EDSN / eBIX; Valerie Reif, FSR)
  • 2:29​:10 - EU Data Interoperability (Georg Hartner, Austrian Energy)
  • 2:49:58​ - Conclusion

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  GBA Annual General Meeting (2020-10-22)

{1 hour, 42 minutes}

"Celebrating Five Years of Innovation"

  • 0:01:35 - GBA Overview & Strategic Direction (4m 34s)
  • 0:06:09 - Value Proposition (2m 46s)
  • 0:08:55 - Current Members (0m 55s)
  • 0:09:50 - Year in Review - Accomplishments (6m 57s)
  • 0:16:47 - Website Stats (4m 0s)
  • 0:20:47 - Announcement of Elected Members to the Board (7m 59s)
  • 0:28:46 - GBA Innovator Showcase: Logical Buildings (11m 44s)
  • 0:40:30 - Data-Access Policy Advancements: U.S. Activities (ENGIE) (9m 37s)
  • 0:50:07 - Data-Access Policy Advancements: Canada Activities (ON Min. of Energy) (8m 0s)
  • 0:58:47 - Market Expansion & Industry Collaboration (11m 51s)
  • 1:10:38 - "Connect My Data" Standard Advancements (4m 2s)
  • 1:14:40 - Green Button Certification Benefits (1m 58s)
  • 1:16:38 - Protection of Data Privacy at Rest: U.S. DOE's DataGuard (0m 55s)
  • 1:17:33 - GBA Innovator Showcase: UtilityAPI (9m 21s)
  • 1:26:54 - GBA Innovator Showcase: buildee 6m 16s)
  • 1:33:10 - Chairman's Award (4m 3s)
  • 1:37:13 - 2021 Look Ahead (2m 39s)
  • 1:39:52 - Post-Meeting, Live Polling of Remaining Participants (25~45 people) (2m 0s)

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Facilitating interoperability of energy services in Europe (2020-07-01)

{62 minutes, 15 seconds}

"Interoperability: (what) can we learn from the existing experiences?"

Reaching and maintaining the interoperability of energy services in Europe is a complex challenge.  However, previous experiences with interoperability exist in the electricity and the healthcare sector that Europe could draw inspiration from.

In this online debate, the Florence School of Regulation (Italy) of the European University Institute (FSR/EUI) focuses on existing experiences with interoperability: namely,

  • the North American Green Button initiative for utility customer data;
  • the ENTSO-E approach to support data exchange requirements related to European electricity market and system operation; and
  • the long-standing experience with interoperability in the healthcare and eHealth sector.

You will hear about the views of European Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and the steps they are taking to reach interoperability.

Together with these expert panelists, FSR/EUI explores the relevant use cases per initiative; looks at the methods, standards and tools that are used; and assesses whether these can be (partially) applied to the challenge that lies ahead for Europe.

  • Luís Vale Cunha (EDPD)
  • Olivier Aine (ENTSO-E)
  • Jeremy J. Roberts (Green Button Alliance)
  • Stefan Sauermann (University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna – Medical Engineering and eHealth)
  • Valerie Reif (FSR/EUI
  • Leonardo Meeus (FSR/EUI)

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GBA Annual General Meeting (2019-04-10)

{50 minutes, 19 seconds}

“Join us for our first recorded Annual General Meeting.”

  • GBA Introduction (for those new to Green Button)
  • Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) Update
  • The 2018 Year in Review
  • Lessons Learned from California CPUC - CDAC
  • Value of GBA Membership & an Example Use Case
  • Member Profiles (just a few)
  • 2019 Look Ahead - Getting Your Input

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Understanding DataGuard (2018-08-08)

{59 minutes, 5 seconds}

“Customer privacy and the safe handling of personal data are top of mind with your customers.”

Learn about the U.S. Department of Energy's DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program, which offers a framework for assuring utility-customer privacy and the responsible handling of customers' personal, energy-usage data.

The U.S. DOE, new DataGuard Partnership Program members: the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative and the Green Button Alliance, and early DataGuard adopter: UtilityAPI, look forward to sharing the DataGuard program principles and how DataGuard can benefit data-sharing companies and their customers.  You'll hear from GBA members and staff: 

  • Nathan Shannon (Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative
  • Eric Lightner (United States Department of Energy
  • Daniel Roesler (UtilityAPI
  • Jeremy J. Roberts (Green Button Alliance)
After you've learned about DataGuard, visit the website to read the Code of Conduct and see how you can adopt it: 

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Utilities Educating on Green Button (2017-06-28)

{54 minutes, 26 seconds}

“Is your company considering offering customers access to their energy usage-data?”

Green Button is the industry standard way.

Learn about these utilities' Green Button platforms, programs and services, and the benefits the Green Button energy-data -access and -sharing standard is enabling in this video; recorded live on the 28th of June 2017:

These experts will share their insights with you and answer your questions. You'll hear from GBA members: 

  • Amy Kight Costadone (Pacific Gas & Electric, PG&E)
  • Kim Cresencia (San Diego Gas & Electric, SDG&E)
  • Zoran Stojanovic (London Hydro; in Ontario, Canada)

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Green Button 101 - An Overview (2016-10-13)

{28 minutes, 16 seconds}

“Ever wondered what Green Button was all about?”

View our FIRST webinar to learn about the latest Green Button implementations and hear about how companies and utilities are using the Green Button standard. You'll hear from GBA members and staff:

  • Elena Lucas (UtilityAPI
  • Paul Monette (Southern California Edison, SCE
  • Jeremy J. Roberts (Green Button Alliance)

“The Green Button Alliance (GBA) is a North Carolina non-profit 501(c)(3) corp­oration formed in 2015 to foster the development, compliance, and widespread adoption of the Green Button standard. It is the single, definitive go-to-place for all things related to the Green Button initiative—from certification of implementations to marketing and education.”

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U.S. CTO Megan Smith welcoming everyone to the birth of the Green Button Alliance (2015-02-06)

{2 minutes, 37 seconds}

“The Birth of the Green Button Ecosystem”

At the kickoff event for the Green Button Alliance, Megan Smith, third-ever Chief Technology Officer of the United States (2014-2017), provided a remote welcome from her office at the White House EEOB to the attendees at San Diego Gas & Electric's Energy Innovation Center in California, congratulating them on that was accomplished and welcoming them all on the journey yet to come.


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