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Data Custodian CMD-only Certification Testing Services

Certification Testing Session for a Data Custodian Connect My Data (CMD only) Implementation (for utilities and their platform vendors) —

This includes:

  1. Two-Hour Testing Window.
  2. CMD Certification (licensing) upon successful tests.


It does not include DMD Certification (licensing) or DMD Testing time.

It does not include Technical Education & Training time.

It does not include Pre-Certification Testing.  After purchase of Certification Testing, you are then eligible to purchase Pre-Certification Testing, if you wish.  For more detail about the offering and pricing options, before purchasing, please see Certification Testing Packages.

Note: a Certification Application must be received at least 5 business days before the scheduled session to allow GBA Staff the time to generate the required Certification Identifier (CertID) and to allow the applicant to implement the rel="related"(Atom)/ CertID link in their system(s) before starting the Certification Testing or any pre-testing.

Price: $3,200

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