SVCE's Data Hive First to Receive Green Button CMD RC Certification

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Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s Data Hive First to Receive Green Button Connect Retail Customer Certification; Certification Paves Way for Easier Adoption of Climate-Change Fighting Technologies
On 17 May, the GBA tested and certified the Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) Data Hive as compliant to the NAESB's REQ.21 ESPI standard, version 3.3, commonly known as Green Button Connect (GBC) with Retail Customer (RC). The SVCE Data Hive, built by UtilityAPI, is the first GBC implementation to obtain the version 3.3 certification with Retail Customer components. The Retail Customer schema of the standard ensures the secure sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), information linking specific meters to the data. This update, along with other updates to streamline the customer authorization process, paved the way for the more widespread adoption of the GBC standard that is now underway across the United States and Canada.
“The recognition of the Data Hive as Green Button Connect Retail Customer compliant validates the secure data sharing process that the tool offers,” said Justin Zagunis, SVCE Director of Decarbonization and Grid Innovation Programs. “And having an easy data sharing mechanism in place for both the installer and the customer helps our community continue transitioning away from fossil fuels to clean electricity.”
“SVCE is leading the world in showing what a grid-of-the future can be. The Data Hive getting GBA-certified reinforces that SVCE’s innovations are safe and secure,” said Daniel Roesler, founder and CTO, UtilityAPI.
Following the GBA’s certification of SVCE’s Data Hive implementation, the GBA tested and certified additional UtilityAPI-developed Green Button Connect My Data implementations for National Grid in upstate New York, Fort Collins Utilities in Colorado, and Peninsula Clean Energy in California.