Newsletter | May 2018

GBA Updates & News | 
GBA Welcomes New Participating Member OhmConnect!
OhmConnect is an energy sharing service that engages end users to shift their energy usage several times a week. With a fun, gamified platform, users engage to earn rewards (prizes and cash), reach higher status levels, and track their environmental impact. Users connect directly to OhmConnect, regardless of their electricity provider, and sign up organically and through referral means.

The Green Button Alliance welcomes OhmConnect to our member community. For information about how your company can benefit from membership, visit the Green Button Alliance online: GBA/Join.
Energyworx Announces Smart Integration 
Energyworx recently announced Smart Integration as part of its Energyworx platform to enable utilities to instantly ingest their data from existing Meter Data Management (MDM) systems, using the Energyworx Data Collector. Implemented Market Adapters then convert the data to the right format for analysis purposes. Energyworx has developed Market Adapters to support the most common MDM systems and industry protocols such as Green Button. Contact Energyworx to learn how to reduce integration risk and implementation time for consumption data analytics. 
London Hydro Educates on new Green Button-enabled programs at CSWeek 
London Hydro Educates on New Green Button-enabled programs at CSWeek
At CSWeek 2018 held 30 April - 4 May in Tampa, Florida, utility London Hydro discussed its digital customer engagement strategy including its cloud-based Green Button Connect My Data platform, new real-time controls, new applications and rate plans. During the event, London Hydro was also named a winner of CSWeek's prestigious 'Expanding Excellence' award for "Innovation in Digital Customer Engagement" for it's new Builder's Portal. The Green Button Alliance congratulates London Hydro! 
Member Spotlight | ETS - Energy Technology Savings 
ETS - Energy Technology Services - is a first mover technology company digitizing large multi-family and commercial properties - developing smart meter and IoT data ontologies that power Deep Learning and AI semantics that are linked to specific property management activities that significantly lower energy costs, improve work flow productivity, and extract new revenue streams from existing property assets.
Integration of ETS' smart building cloud platform - SmartKit AI - in large multi-family and commercial properties materially reduces energy expenditures, enables Wi-Fi connectivity, improves building operations and increases Net Operating Income and Net Asset Value.  ETS' SmartKit AI Platform enables institutional property owners/developers to generate energy savings, achieve sustainability goals, and enhance building resilience.
ETS and Green Button Data - Guiding Smart Buildings and Smart Cities Initiatives
ETS is working with the Green Button Alliance to collaborate with utilities and facilitate the digitization of real-time energy and water data. Access to utility meter data is a prerequisite step to build intelligent software tools that enable a wide range of Smart Building and Smart Cities services. The ETS Smart Building AI Platform continuously learns from each building's specific real-time data to generate predictive analytics that guide energy management behavior modification.

Looking Forward - ETS Smart Building AI Platform Roll-Out
ETS recently  announced its Smart Building AI Platform - SmartKit AI - the first predictive analytics and behavior modification mobile software suite that empowers the building management community with real-time mobile tools to proactively reduce energy and operating costs, and generate revenue from onsite mechanical assets.

Key features include:
  • Empowers staff with guided digital demand management protocol checklists, linking positive actions to efficiency goals/rewards
  • Provides collaborative and transparent tools to quickly improve tenant comfort
  • Creates visible real-time building staff accountability
  • Gamifies energy and operations property management experience
  • Enables Smart Cities to achieve Sustainability and Microgrid Resiliency goals
"By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the Smart Building AI Platform can now teach buildings to be predictively more energy-conscious," said Jeff Hendler, CEO of ETS. "ETS' platform allows property managers to change energy behavior in the building at different times during the day, which will have dramatic impact on energy costs. With these mobile tools in hand, combined with our training program and Smart Building Concierge Service, our clients' achievements in energy savings, sustainability and resiliency will be the highest yet."
ETS serves more than 60 million square feet of major multi-family and commercial properties in the Northeast and is expanding to California and Seattle in 2018. For information, please visit  
In the Headlines | 
10 May:Texas Smart Meter Settlement Could Grow Market for Energy Products " by Robert Walton, Utility Dive, n otes that Texas regulators have approved recommendations to improve and streamline the state's smart meter data portal, including standardizing data transfers to be more in line with the Green Button Connect My Data standard.  Recommended reading: " Texas Decision Enhances Customer Choice of Enhanced Energy Providers " by Michael Murray, Mission:data Coalition.
8 May: "Survey: Solar Companies Want Software to Speed Growth, Manage Utility Rates" by Julia Pyper, Greentech Media. Survey finds access to standardized Green Button energy usage data is a priority for solar software market and and also notes GBA members Energy Toolbase and UtilityAPI as popular software platforms. 
8 May: KWHCoin Aims to Build an Advanced Energy Economy that Connects Us All" by Tech Company News. Interview with GBA member Girard Newkirk, CEO of KWHCoin regarding KWHCoin technology, partnerships and vision.
2 May: "NEM's 21st Annual Restructuring Conference Focuses on Next Phase of Consumer Choice Innovation and Opportunities in Energy Markets". GBA member Jeff Hendler, CEO of ETS -Energy Technology Savings, spoke at the Washington D.C. conference and discussed the importance of consumer access to consumption and demand data to enable consumer decisions to reduce energy costs and achieve clean energy goals.

16 April:Snugg Home's Snugg Pro Adds Support for Green Button " discusses benefits of standardized Green Button energy data and how it speeds the home energy auditing process, see the 2 minute demo!