New York PSC Orders Creation of Statewide IEDR; Data Access Initiative Supports Clean Energy Goals

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New York PSC Orders Creation of Statewide Integrated Energy Data Resource; Data Access Initiative Supports State Clean Energy Goals
On 11 February, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) announced it has adopted New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) staff recommendations regarding the creation of an Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR). The DPS staff recommendations were filed in a whitepaper "Recommendations to Implement an Integrated Energy Data Resource" on 29 May 2020. The PSC's 11 February "Order Implementing An Integrated Energy Data Resource" directs the creation of an IEDR that will provide New York’s energy stakeholders with a platform that enables effective access and use of integrated energy customer data and energy system data.
The PSC's decision establishes a statewide IEDR — a centralized platform that it notes will collect, integrate, analyze, and manage a wide variety of standardized energy-related information from the State’s electric and gas utilities and other sources. In addition, the PSC determined the inclusion of analytic tools that would enable DER providers, utilities, government agencies, and others to more readily develop valuable technical and business insights will, in turn, lead to faster and better policy, investment, and operational decisions that will accelerate realization of New York State’s clean energy goals.
 “Strategic use of energy-related data, including both system and customer usage data, is critical to enable the achievement of the State’s energy policy goals,” said John B. Rhodes, former Chair, NYS PSC in a statement. “Useful access to useful data will unlock smart deployment of distributed resources required for our energy future.”
Further, the PSC's decision notes the Commission is also considering new state policies for a uniform and comprehensive Data Access Framework to govern the means and methods for accessing and protecting all types of energy-related information. The PSC's order states that all aspects of implementing and operating the proposed IEDR must comply with any future policies adopted under a new Data Access Framework.
Regarding the IEDRs implementation schedule, the PSC directed that Phase 1 — the initial IEDR implementation — shall be completed in 24-30 months and Phase 2 shall be completed in 30-36 months. Additionally, according to the order, operation of the utility’s IEDR data feeds shall persist for the life of the IEDR (multiple decades).
For more information, please visit to be redirected to the NYS DPS website / Case Number 20-M-0082 to view the Whitepaper and the Order.
DCPSC Reconvenes Workgroup to Facilitate Implementation of Green Button Connect My Data
On 25 March, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (DCPSC), in Formal Case No. 1130, "In Matter of the Investigation Into Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability", order no. 20717, directed the original Customer Impact Working Group (CIWG) be reconvened. The CIWG’s first virtual meeting will be held on 29 April at 10:00 a.m. ET. Additionally, the order directs the CIWG to file a report with the DCPSC within 75 days of the CIWG’s first meeting that includes resolution of issues and a plan for implementing Green Button Connect My Data in the District.
For more information, please visit to be redirected to the DCPSC’s e-docket website and Formal Case No. 1130.