NAESB Publishes Enhanced Standard for Green Button

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NAESB Publishes Enhanced Standard for Green Button
On 30 January, the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), a member of the Green Button Alliance, published the latest revision of the NAESB Retail Energy Quadrant Book 21 (REQ.21) Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard, commonly known as the Green Button standard. The OpenADE Task Force, an industry technical-development workgroup hosted by the Green Button Alliance, had previously submitted updates and enhancements to the REQ.21 ESPI standard which were ratified by NAESB in April 2019. The newly published Green Button standard includes the following updates:
  • Replaced OAuth 1.0 with OAuth 2.0 for “Confidential Clients.”
  • Updated security requirements to TLS 1.2 as a minimum.
  • Revised the Energy Usage Information (EUI) data structure and definitions.
  • Created the Retail Customer (PII) data structure and definitions.
  • Deprecated original Use Cases that do not meet OAuth 2.0 data security requirements.
  • Added Use Case for Download My Data (DMD).
  • Simplified Use Case 2: “Customer Authorization process.”
  • Documented Standard ESPI Application Program Interface (API) formats.
The Green Button Alliance thanks Cade Burks, Chair of the NAESB ESPI Task Force; Mary Do, Chair of the NAESB Retail Market Quadrant Executive Committee; Elizabeth Mallett, Deputy Director, NAESB; and Jonathan Booe, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, NAESB; for guiding the updated Green Button standard through NAESB’s review and publishing process. The GBA thanks Donald F. Coffin, Technical Manager, Green Button Alliance and the OpenADE Task Force for their work in developing the enhancements to the Green Button standard.
The Green Button standard is now available for purchase from NAESB for US$ 250.