Chairman's View | 2020-04 | 5 Years of Data Access Achievements and the Digital Path Forward

Posted By: Syed Mir Viewpoints,
5 Years of Data Access Achievements and the Digital Path Forward
While COVID-19 has presented us all with an unusual and challenging time, I am inspired by the GBA’s member companies who continue to work (safely) to support customers and drive key data access initiatives forward. Digital access to energy data and energy solutions are key to helping businesses to continue as they begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19. 
This year, the Green Button Alliance is celebrating its fifth anniversary and the many significant accomplishments the GBA has achieved in delivering upon the vision of secure, standardized Green Button energy-data access.
5-Year Achievements:
  • Developed Green Button Connect My Data; the industry’s open data-access and secure- data-sharing protocol for digital data-sharing platforms and services that protect customer privacy.
  • Expanded Green Button internationally, with international utilities and research institutes participating through the GBA.
  • Educational support of global energy-data access policies; a significant number of U.S. states; Ontario, Canada; and South Korea are working on policies.
  • Enhanced Green Button Connect My Data standard (NAESB REQ.21 ESPI); published by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) in January.
  • Developed Green Button DMD and CMD Testing and Certification program.
  • Today, millions of residential and commercial customers now have access to their Green Button energy data with more deployments planned.

Looking ahead, GBA will:
  • Communicate the value of Green Button standards-based Connect My Data as the proven, digital data access and -sharing standard for utilities, customers, third-party solution providers, & state- and province-wide implementations.
  • Educate stakeholders that adherence to the standard is essential to ensure customer data privacy, faster on-boarding of solutions, & seamless interoperation with apps and services.
  • Focus on the environmental benefits of energy-data access to promote the interconnection of DERs including solar, EV, and energy storage.
  • Focus on enabling small commercial and industrial customers with access to their consumption data.
  • Continue standards development for third-party solution providers.

We’re looking forward to once again showcasing Green Button progress and successes at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in September. As always, you’re all invited (members and non-members) to join us for this highly anticipated event. Until then, we thank our members and our staff for their continued vision and leadership.
Stay well, everyone,
Syed Mir, Chairman
Green Button Alliance