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Smart Energy Water (SEW) with its innovative and industry-leading cloud platforms, aims to deliver the best Digital Customer Experiences (CX) and Mobile Workforce Experiences (WX), powered by AI, ML and IoT Analytics (IX) to the global Energy, Water and Gas providers.  SEW partners with utilities to deliver solutions that are easy-to-use, integrate seamlessly with utility systems, and help build a strong technology foundation that allows utilities to become future-ready, by harnessing the power of digital technologies.

Delivering Best of Breed Digital Experiences

SEW’s flagship solution, Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) is the #1 Digital Customer Experience Platform for energy, water & gas providers, worldwide — harnessing the power of digital to better address customer needs and build future-ready businesses.  SCM® delivers a single integrated multi-channel digital platform for customer self-service; enabling online account management, billing and payments, start and stop services, conservation programs, smart home capabilities and a range of other services essential in servicing tomorrow’s utility customer.

SEW + Green Button

As a sponsor and board member of the Green Button Alliance, SEW has long been a major supporter of Green Button within its technology ecosystem.

With over a billion smart meters now installed globally, utilities are constantly looking for new and creative ways to put that usage intelligence to work for customers.  By fully democratizing customer intelligence across more of its value chains, SEW is empowering its customers to share their data across the stakeholders and market participants that help further bill reductions and increase their energy and water savings.

“Sharing of usage data through Green Button is a vital part of SEW’s end-to-end customer CX platform, enabling customers to tap into new savings and value streams from the rapidly growing ecosystem of third-party technologies and solutions,”

 Bob Champagne,
VP Customer Experience Innovation,
Smart Energy Water

SEW’s Green Button Accelerator

SEW’s Green Button Accelerator is a module within SCM that enables utilities to quickly integrate the full range of Green Button benefits into its digital customer experience ecosystem, while fully complying with the latest North American Energy Standards Board’s (NAESB) Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard, version 3.3, commonly known as the Green Button standard.

SEW’s Green Button Accelerator—combined with Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) and its embedded AI powered usage analytics—enables utilities to provide customers with a wealth of actionable usage insights, as well as an efficient, safe and secure way of sharing their data with additional service providers and vendors of their choosing.

Functionality Includes:
  • Out-of-the-box Green Button solution designed to meet NAESB’s ESPI standard, version 3.3.
  • Fully compliant OAuth 2.0 workflows/ processes for authentication and usage authorizations
  • Prebuilt Download My Data and Connect My Data Customer Journeys, Forms and Templates
  • Fully integrated and managed “Data Custodian” function for ingesting, conditioning, storing, and formatting of usage data for Green Button transfers
  • Integrated workflows for third-party registration, onboarding and approval
  • Back-end portal for Download My Data / Connect My Data administration of third-parties and Green Button customer interactions
  • Multi-channel notifications of approval confirmations, data exchanges, status updates and more based on customer preferences
  • Enhanced usage insights including end use disaggregation, interval drill downs and more
  • Valuable comparisons and benchmarks to similar customers, peer groups, or locations
  • Predictive intelligence to support bill predictions, usage alerts and other valuable notifications

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