Member Spotlight | Southern California Edison (SCE)

Member Spotlights,

Southern California Edison (SCE) provides customers the ability to authorize release of their interval usage data on a daily basis to a designated 3rd Party.  The 3rd parties will use this information to provide their customers with options to manage and conserve energy.  Beginning February 18th, a 3rd party can receive additional information such as billing information to provide their customers a more tailored experience.  Additionally, customers will be given the option to choose how often their authorized 3rd party will be able to access their data, choosing between daily, monthly, and yearly. 

SCE is leveraging the platform to not only support the Green Button Connect My Data program, but also to support other data feeds such as mandates and contractual obligations.  This allows SCE to maintain its data transfer structure and increase participation in using the national Green Button standard through multiple channels.  From a design perspective, SCE has continued to use this platform instead of building one-off solutions.  Approximately 150 3rd parties have expressed interest in using this platform.  SCE is diligently working towards getting these 3rd parties registered so they can begin to support their customers. 

We will continue to communicate to 3rd parties about this program, offer this solution for any future data exchange efforts, and support the Green Button Alliance.