Issue 001

Issue Summary

The image on the right shows the current relationship of the Retail Customer ServiceLocation and Meter resources. 

The ServiceLocation allows for zero to many UsagePoints and zero to many atom <link rel="related"> entries to individual Meter resources.

A Service Location with several meters is unable to relate meters to their associated Usage Points.

Note: EndDevice is an extension of AssetContainer and Meter is an extension of EndDevice.  The UML diagram only shows the extension elements.

The image on the right displays all of the Extensions the Meter resource inherits from its associated Abstractions.


Proposed Solution

The following modification to the EndDevice schema will allow utilities to use either the ServiceLocation or the Meter resource to correlate UsagePoints with meters.

  • Add a UsagePoint element to the EndDevice
    • Meter will inherit the element due to it being an extension of EndDevice
    • All future EndDevice extensions will automatically inherit the ability to correlate with their Usage Point.

Current EndDevice Schema

Proposed EndDevice Schema

CMD & DMD Certification Impact

Current Certification Requirements

  • The [FB_58] Retail Customer ServiceLocation Data Element test for DMD and CMD verifies the presence of at least one UsagePoints entry.
    • The suggested resolution would make [FB_58] fail if the UsagePoint is supplied using the Meter resource
  • The [FB_60] Retail Customer Meter Data Element test for DMD and CMD only tests for the presence of a serialNumber entry.

Future Certification Requirements

  • How should [FB_58] be modified to test for an optional UsagePoint entry?
  • Should [FB_60] be modified to test for both serialNumber and UsagePoint?
  • Should a new Function Block be defined that tests for the presence of a UsagePoint in either the ServiceLocation or Meter resource?