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VERGE 24 will be held October 29-31, 2024 in San Jose, CA.

Tuesday, October 29, 2024 to Thursday, October 31, 2024

Event Details

About VERGE 24:

VERGE 24 is the center of gravity for professionals catalyzing transformative, profitable change through decarbonizing operations and supply chains. Join more than 6,000 leaders from across functions, industries and sectors to learn and share what it takes to deploy climate tech at scale. VERGE 24 will explore emerging trends, take stock of new technologies, and work to accelerate the speed and scale of impact. 

VERGE 24 is where practitioners doing the hard, ongoing work of integrating climate solutions gather to share successes, setbacks and insights. We create the space for valuable learning and connections from across the climate tech ecosystem to smooth the path to a low carbon economy for all.

Functional roles who benefit from participating at VERGE include managers and directors task with: corporate sustainability, fleet and logistics, energy procurement, sustainable material procurement, emissions accounting and facility management and more.


VERGE is designed to showcase climate tech solutions to support the rapid decarbonization organizations and value chains. The program is divided into six tracks, with more than 100 sessions that highlight emerging opportunities to transition operations — efficiently and affordably:

  • Buildings — Technologies and pathways to decarbonize the built environment, both in manufacturing and in operations.
  • Carbon — Carbon accounting, removal and crediting strategies to embed net zero throughout operations and support carbon markets.
  • Energy — Opportunities to leverage decarbonized, decentralized and resilient energy within operations.
  • Food & Ag — Solutions accelerating the transition to climate-smart food systems.
  • Industry — Technologies and contract models enabling industrial decarbonization, both within operations and for suppliers.
  • Transport — How organizations are decarbonizing transportation emissions and deploying solutions at scale.