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Understanding DataGuard

Understanding DataGuard

“Customer privacy and the safe handling of personal data.”

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Learn about the U.S. Department of Energy's DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program, which offers a framework for assuring utility-customer privacy and the responsible handling of customers' personal, energy-usage data.

The U.S. DOE, new DataGuard Partnership Program members: the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative and the Green Button Alliance, and early DataGuard adopter: UtilityAPI, look forward to sharing the DataGuard program principles and how DataGuard can benefit data-sharing companies and their customers.  You'll hear from GBA members and staff: 

  • Nathan Shannon (Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative
  • Eric Lightner (United States Department of Energy
  • Daniel Roesler (UtilityAPI
  • Jeremy J. Roberts (Green Button Alliance)

After you’ve learned about DataGuard, visit the website to read the Code of Conduct and see how you can adopt it: 

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