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Standardization of Private Data in Energy Markets

Standardization of Private Data in Energy Markets


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Event Details

Increasingly, private data (both personal data and commercially sensitive data) is being made available in energy markets. This workshop will provide views from grid operators, startups, European Commission, US government, and other organizations on the evolving rules for the use of data in energy markets in both Europe and North America. It will also address possibilities for standardization around topics such as consent management of data and flexibility markets.

Featured Speakers will include Giulia Serra, European Commission, DG ENER; Jeremy Roberts, Green Button Alliance; and Georg Hartner, Austrian Energy, EU Smart Grid Task Force EG1.

This webinar is co-organized by IEEE SA and Elering.

  • 0:00 - Start
  • 0:02:40 - Introduction
  • 0:06:24 - Importance of Data in Energy Systems
  • 0:29:28 - Green Button: Creating the Open Standard for Secure Consumer Access to Energy
  • 0:48:32 - Green Button Today: Enabling Secure, Digital Access and Sharing of Standardized Energy Data
  • 01:14 - Panel Session: Grid Operators Versus Emerging Market Players
  • 01:45 - “My Energy Data” Standard
  • 02:03 - Panel Session: Standardization Initiatives
  • 02:29 - EU Data Interoperability
  • 02:52 - Conclusion

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{2 hours, 54 minutes}