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Smart Utility Summit 2023

Smart Utility Summit 2023

The Smart Utility Summit will be held August 20-22, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

Sunday, August 20, 2023 to Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Event Details

The Smart Utility Summit offers an opportunity for Electric Utilities from Municipalities and Rural Cooperatives across North America to connect with the industry's leading and most promising solution providers. The Summit also provides Utility Professionals an opportunity to network with their peers and share opinions, strategies and solutions for success.

Expect to participate in boardroom presentations, product/service showcases, and networking receptions that will help you: 

  • Update your industry knowledge with the latest advancements in the smart utility sector
  • Develop relationships with professionals in the field
  • Connect and engage with utility professionals and vendors
  • Discover and compare products/services to optimize any future purchasing decisions

For Utilities:

What is the Smart Utility Summit?

The Smart Utility Summit is a one-of-a-kind event modeled on a formula proven to be highly productive in the Utility industry. SUS offers an unprecedented opportunity for influential Public Power Utility Executives from Municipalities and Rural Cooperatives across North America to connect with the Industry's leading and most promising vendors. In addition, SUS provides Utility Executives an opportunity to network with their peers and share opinions, strategies, and solutions for success.

For Vendors:

How is the Smart Utility Summit different from other industry events?

There is really no comparison. The most important difference is who you are able to connect with; at SUS, we provide quality over quantity. Our team targets, pre-qualifies, and delivers decision-makers from the participating Electric Utilities – professionals from municipalities and rural cooperatives who are shaping the buying trends of today and tomorrow. This carefully selected group of decision-makers represents millions of utility customers across North America.

Also, unlike an ordinary trade show or expo, the Summit delivers a highly structured, intimate environment conducive to forming meaningful business relationships with prime prospects. We provide the forum and tools needed for you to connect and engage with Utility Professionals and present your products and services. This will happen in a variety of settings: one-on-one meetings, group Boardroom Presentations, educational settings, and myriad networking and social activities. You will also profit from face time with customers, industry authorities from government, leading publications, and professional associations.

Your connections with prospects will prove more productive and your exchanges with peers will be more enlightening, leading to personal satisfaction for time well spent.

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Still have Questions about Participating at Smart Utility Summit? 

Contact John Blackwell at: or +1-234-222-5957

Contact Brigette Gleason at: or +1-678-258-9431