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National Clean Energy Week 2024

National Clean Energy Week 2024

Monday, September 23, 2024 to Friday, September 27, 2024

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National Clean Energy Week (NCEW)

National Clean Energy Week is a celebration of the policies, industries, and innovations that power our daily lives while producing no or very little greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the very real technological and political challenges, a clean energy future is in our reach, and America is ready to lead the way. Whether attending the flagship Policymakers Symposium or hosting your own celebration, please join us in recognition of all that clean energy can bring: energy independence, economic prosperity, and a more peaceful world.

National Clean Energy Week is dedicated to bipartisanship. We bring together business leaders, advocates, policymakers, and trade associations from all perspectives who are dedicated to advancing clean energy. Together, we harness the power of free market and government collaboration to create jobs, expand our economy, strengthen America’s national security, and preserve our environment.

National Clean Energy Week provides an unparalleled platform in which to elevate your organization’s profile and advance your clean energy policy. Ensure that your organization is at the forefront of this bipartisan support for clean energy! Be a part of the solution.