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GridFWD 2024

GridFWD 2024

GridFWD 2024 will be held October 1-2 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Tuesday, October 1, 2024 to Wednesday, October 2, 2024

Kinnear Centre for Creativity & Innovation

107 Tunnel Mountain Drive
Banff, Alberta T1L 1H5

Event Details

About GridFWD 2024: Evolved Energy Markets for a Modern Grid

Current markets are not architected to meet the conflicting demands of progressive public policies, advancing energy technologies and unprecedented extremes in threats to the grid. The diverse community that is modernizing the grid across the western US and Canada needs to rally around new market models that can lower risk and uncertainty while improving resource adequacy, resiliency and equity.

GridFWD 2024 will paint the whole picture: from increasing market integration to community engagement, from technological drivers of resiliency and reliability to new ways to harness data for forecasting and planning.

Grid Forward invites market makers, participants and solution providers to a unique event tailored specifically to explore innovations in market models for states, regulators, TSOs and DSOs to build and operate the modern grid.

At GridFWD 2024, attendees will come together to share new and expanding opportunities to refine market structures and supporting technology and techniques to foster modernization. 

  • Utility leaders and market operator experts—Learn and share best practices for planning, building, and managing resilient, flexible and sustainable energy systems as markets evolve.
  • Executive and technical leaders of solution providers—Join your customers and other stakeholders as we sketch out how technology makes modern markets more effective.
  • Regulators and government officers—Share best practices from across North America and other advanced markets, and make connections with those on the front lines.
  • NGOs and advocates—Build the knowledge base and relationships to influence new programs that promote clean energy, equity and economic activity on regional energy systems.

Innovative grid policies, technology and practices to modernize markets

GridFWD will explore Evolved energy markets for the modern grid with a variety of sessions, panels and discussions around topic areas like these (preliminary list):

  1. Culture of business transformation
  2. Lessons from the past & why now
  3. Establishing the value proposition
  4. Community engagement, empowered consumers and new behavior
  5. Drivers for market development (resilience, reliability, resources adequacy, and more)
  6. Policy and regulatory alignment
  7. Role of resources at the edge
  8. Getting data right and promise of AI

GridFWD will also plan to again host its Tech Jam Case Studies: 30-minute presentations on real projects co-hosted by a solution provider and a utility.