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Facilitating Interoperability of Energy Services in Europe

Facilitating Interoperability of Energy Services in Europe

“Interoperability: (what) can we learn from the existing experiences?”

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Reaching and maintaining the interoperability of energy services in Europe is a complex challenge.  However, previous experiences with interoperability exist in the electricity and the healthcare sector that Europe could draw inspiration from.

In this online debate, the Florence School of Regulation (Italy) of the European University Institute (FSR/EUI) focuses on existing experiences with interoperability: namely,

  • the North American Green Button initiative for utility customer data;
  • the ENTSO-E approach to support data exchange requirements related to European electricity market and system operation; and
  • the long-standing experience with interoperability in the healthcare and eHealth sector.

You will hear about the views of European Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and the steps they are taking to reach interoperability.

Together with these expert panelists, FSR/EUI explores the relevant use cases per initiative; looks at the methods, standards and tools that are used; and assesses whether these can be (partially) applied to the challenge that lies ahead for Europe.

  • Luís Vale Cunha (EDPD)
  • Olivier Aine (ENTSO-E)
  • Jeremy J. Roberts (Green Button Alliance)
  • Stefan Sauermann (University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna – Medical Engineering and eHealth)
  • Valerie Reif (FSR/EUI
  • Leonardo Meeus (FSR/EUI)

{62 minutes, 15 seconds}