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Alberta Energy Efficiency + Innovation Summit 2024

Alberta Energy Efficiency + Innovation Summit 2024

Alberta Energy Efficiency + Innovation Summit hosted by the AEEA and SSRIA.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 to Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Event Details

From The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance:

We’re very pleased to be partnering with Alberta Ecotrust as the Presenting Sponsor of our 2024 Alberta Energy Efficiency + Innovation Summit.  Ecotrust’s work with the cities of Calgary and Edmonton on the Emissions Neutral Building Information Exchange (ENBIX) is a significant new resource for advancing energy efficiency and new technologies in buildings in Alberta.  We will be working with Ecotrust to bring forward a set of sessions dedicated to sharing the work and research being promoted by ENBIX, and provide our attendees with first hand exposure to this brand new initiative!

Confirmed Topics
  • Pathways to net zero emissions in buildings
    • New technology showcase
    • Residential deep energy retrofits
    • Approaches to addressing energy poverty
    • Low carbon heating pathways
    • Latest experience with heat pumps in Alberta 
    • Innovative approaches to financing 
    • Embodied carbon within building materials
    • The role of building codes in transitioning to net zero emissions
    • Alberta’s new Emissions Neutral Building Information Exchange (ENBIX)
  • The role of utilities in net zero emission buildings
    • Recent studies related to demand side management (DSM)
    • Innovative utility pilots
  • Workforce needs and development opportunities
  • Government perspectives on achieving net zero emissions in the buildings and utility sectors
  • Municipal initiatives to accelerate net zero emissions
  • New program announcements!