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2022 Green Button Showcase

2022 Green Button Showcase

“Green Button Solutions Showcase & Ask the Experts”

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Event Details

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas

GBA Staff and Members were at DistribuTECH International in Dallas educating on the latest utility-provided Green Button Connect My Data implementations and showcasing the newest Green Button energy-data -enabled solutions, Green Button use cases, and customer successes.

Learn first-hand from the utilities and innovators enabling the market transition through Green Button data-driven platforms, applications, DSM programs, and integration of DERs to the grid:

  1. UtilityAPI
  2. Utilismart
  3. Logical Buildings
  4. Smart Energy Water (SEW)
  5. Big Data Energy Services
  6. Rodan Energy
  7. SilverBlaze
  8. London Hydro

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  • 0:00:00 The Green Button Solutions Showcase at DISTRIBUTECH 2022
  • 0:01:49 Syed Mir, Chair of GBA; London Hydro
  • 0:11:14 Jeremy J. Roberts, Executive Director of GBA
  • 0:24:44 Daniel Roesler, Vice-Chair of GBA; UtilityAPI
  • 0:38:00 Miro Karlicic, Utilismart
  • 0:51:02 Jeff Hendler, Logical Buildings
  • 1:02:30 Bob Champagne, Smart Energy Water
  • 1:17:52 Jay Lewis, Big Data Energy Services
  • 1:24:24 Vince Thomas, Rodan Energy Services
  • 1:34:18 Caitlin Freemark, SilverBlaze
  • 1:42:28 Zoran Stojanovic, London Hydro
  • 1:50:14 Ask the Experts, Q&A Session
  • 1:53:37 Closing remarks from the Alliance leadership

{1 hour, 54 minutes}