Event-Cancellation Policy

Although we hope you are able to attend the events for which you registered, we know conflicts can arise.  This policy is to provide you our basic rules for cancellation.  Should you have a situation that doesn't fit with what's here, please contact us directly.

Immediate-Cancellation Policy

Oh, wait, I didn't want to to do that.

If you have accidentally signed-up for an event or you're having buyer's remorse.


Advance-Notice Policy

Something came-up and I won't be able to make it next month.

If you notify us within 15 days of the event start date/time.


Last-Minute-Notice Policy

Oh no, the government closed the border.

If suddenly, before the event begins, you cannot make it.


No-Show Policy

Wait… that was today?

If you don't notify us and don't show up.


After-the-Fact Policy

I tried to make it but the flight was cancelled.

If you were a “no show” but have a valid reason other than “oops, I missed it” (e.g., flight delay/cancellation, death in the family, government quarrentine, and similar reasons).