Green Button Alliance - Benefits of Membership

Who Should Join and Why?

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The Green Button Alliance is open to all interested stakeholders sharing a common interest in facilitating and accelerating the use and adoption of the Green Button standard.

Specific entities that could benefit include the following:

  • Electric, gas, and water utilities can offer their customers better access to their usage data and share those data with service providers that can help them better-manage their consumption.
  • Control vendors can add Green Button Download My Data and Connect My Data capabilities directly to their products, thus expanding the market for their products and applications.
  • Technology and system integrators that develop and install products and systems can provide more value to their customers by leveraging a growing ecosystem.
  • Consumers, such as facility owners and energy managers who manage facilities, can leverage the knowledge base of other members to make better-use of Green Button -certified products.
  • Utility IT companies that offer software and services can utilize the ‘big data’ generated by certified products and apps to provide more value to their customers.
  • Government regulators and policy analysts that evaluate open standards and technology can utilize alliance resources to help them achieve regulatory and policy goals.
GBA Membership Application

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Membership Levels and Fees

Membership levels include all stakeholders and are classified by vendor community who produce certifiable products and applications; and utilities, government agencies, and research organizations that do not offer certifiable products or applications.

A founding group of companies and government agencies served as the Board of Directors for the first year of operation (2015). This group played a vital role in establishing the organization’s priorities, goals & objectives, operating budget, Bylaws, certification program, organizational structure, and strategic direction.

  1. Sponsor membership is extended to industry stakeholders that strongly support the vision, mission, and activities of the Green Button Alliance and whom the Board approves for Sponsor membership.  Sponsor membership shall be limited to the first eight members approved by the Board.  The primary representative designated by a Sponsor Member company is eligible to hold a seat on the Board of Directors, submit recommendations, lead and participate in working groups, and participate in all activities of the Alliance.
  2. Participating membership is open to any entity that collects and distributes energy information (e.g., electricity, gas, water, air quality, etc.) using the Green Button Data format or incorporates Green Button standards into a product or service who are interested in furthering the development, use, or promotion of the Green Button standard.
  3. Observing membership is open to any entity that does not fit into the other member categories, including residential and commercial customers, government agencies, research organizations, and regulatory bodies that are interested in furthering the development, use, or promotion of the Green Button standard.
  4. Affiliate membership is extended to other member organizations whereby the Green Button Alliance can exchange memberships and collaborate on common activities.   
GBA Membership Application...

Participation in all programs, committees, and initiatives sponsored by Green Button Alliance.
A listing on the Green Button website.
Use of the Green Button Alliance member logo for marketing and promotional activities.
Participation in marketing and advertising, seminars, publishing, technology expositions, e-mail newsletters, and other promotional activities.
Access to the Member-only website and discussion forums.
Enhanced listing on Green Button Alliance website for certified products.    
Voting on policy, strategic, and technical issues related to the Alliance (non-Board votes).    
Access to technical support, training, and tools that facilitate more effective design and implementation of Green Button products and systems.
up to
10 hours

up to
2 hours
Board-level voting in the Alliance if elected    
Position on Board of Directors. possibility for election    
Enhanced listing on Green Button Alliance website for company.      
Annual Membership Dues US$20'000 per year

US$10'000 per year where Revenue > 

US$7'500 per year where Revenue > 

US$5'000 per year where Revenue = 
US$10M+ – $100M

US$3'000 per year where Revenue = 
US$1M+ – $10M

US$1'500 per year where Revenue < 

US$750 per year
(no voting rights)
(contact us for more information)

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