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GBA Chairman’s Update

New Apps/Services, CSWeek Awards, Utility Webinar, & Solar Analytics in the Spotlight

Expanding Green Button Offerings

This is truly an exciting time for the energy industry and their customers as more and more utilities are looking into providing access to energy-consumption data in the standardized Green Button format. In addition, the energy service providers that are already offering Green Button Data are now looking to extend the standard's broad functionality beyond their initial Green Button platforms and are conceiving of—and implementingnew and interesting products and services to address customer needs and regulatory requirements. 

To hear how these innovative utilities are leveraging Green Button, we invite you to view the Green Button Alliance's webinar, "Utilities Educating on Green Button," recorded on 28 June 2017. 
Vendors and third-party Green Button Data application developers are also rapidly bringing outstanding new products and services to market that utilize standardized energy-consumption data and take advantage of the security and flexibility the Green Button standard was designed to ensure. We're impressed and inspired by the remarkable solutions our members are bringing to market. Read about new solutions from Personal BlackBox, London Hydro, Solar Analytics, Energy Toolbase, and ComEd, in our June Newsletter.

Member Spotlight: Solar Analytics

In the June issue, we feature Solar Analytics in our "Member Spotlight." Founded by top solar industry experts, Solar Analytics is a revolutionary solar-monitoring company that provides intelligent monitoring for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Read about their new "My Solar App" and other offerings.

Lastly, we encourage our members—utilities, vendors, and affiliate organizations—to attend our Green Button Global Marketing Committee call on Wednesday, 02 August.  For anyone bringing apps utilizing Green Button data to market, it'll be a meeting of interest!


– Syed Mir, CIO; London Hydro
Green Button Alliance - Chair
(updated for latest webinar & meeting dates)


GBA Brochure

Learn about the Green Button Alliance in this new two-page brochure:

  • Provides Customer Usage Data with or without Smart Meters
  • Platform for Digitally Engaging with Customers
  • Ensures Utilities & Third Parties Protect Customer Privacy
  • Cost-effective Deployment Models & New Business
  • Standardized Data Access & Easy Collection Across Buildings & Utilities
  • Eliminates Manual Data Entry; Ensures Data Consistency & Accuracy
  • Data Sharing with Solution Providers & Databases
  • Streamlined Energy Reporting; Integration with Benchmarking Platforms
  • Tenant-Engagement Applications

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