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GBA Brochure

Learn about the Green Button Alliance in this new two-page brochure:

  • Provides Customer Usage Data with or without Smart Meters
  • Platform for Digitally Engaging with Customers
  • Ensures Utilities & Third Parties Protect Customer Privacy
  • Cost-effective Deployment Models & New Business
  • Standardized Data Access & Easy Collection Across Buildings & Utilities
  • Eliminates Manual Data Entry; Ensures Data Consistency & Accuracy
  • Data Sharing with Solution Providers & Databases
  • Streamlined Energy Reporting; Integration with Benchmarking Platforms
  • Tenant-Engagement Applications

GBA Chairman’s Update

Board Election, Spotlight on PBB, New GB Video & Resources

Election of Participating Member Representatives

The Green Button Alliance recently held its first annual board of directors election. We're pleased to announce Cengizhan Yenerim, Director, Demand Risk Management, at Think Energy (ENGIE Resources) was elected to serve in a two-year seat and Elena Lucas, CEO of UtilityAPI was elected to serve in a one-year seat. We welcome Cengizhan and Elena to our board and look forward to working closely with them as we guide the Alliance to fulfill the vision for Green Button and enable consumers and companies to access and securely share energy and water usage data to efficiently manage resource consumption.

Benefits of Green Button

As utilities around the world determine the best approach to make energy and water usage data available to customers, the benefits of the Green Button standard are clear and have been proven in North America. The Green Button standard enables utilities to provide a common, easily accessible data format, assures secure data exchange, supports value-added services and opens up the energy management applications and services market to utilities─all while enabling utilities to focus on their core business. In this issue, Green Button Alliance member, the Advanced Energy Centre (AEC), offers a new article that discusses the benefits of the Green Button standard, includes a new video highlighting the real-world benefits to large commercial customers and includes findings and reports from the successful implementation of the Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) pilot project in the province of Ontario, Canada. We encourage utilities contemplating customer data access initiatives to review these useful resources.

Member Spotlight: Personal BlackBox

This month, we're also pleased to feature Personal BlackBox (PBB) in our "Member Spotlight." Read how PBB's new ecosystem platform and Greenr application uniquely enable consumers, energy companies and brands to securely share data and gain benefits.

This is truly an exciting time for utilities, service and application providers, and customers around the world. We look forward to working together to continue to demonstrate the value of Green Button as an open, unifying and secure methodology specifically designed to help the industry and their customers to efficiently access, share and benefit from energy- and water-consumption data.

– Syed Mir, CIO; London Hydro
Green Button Alliance - Chair


Member Spotlight

Personal BlackBox

Personal BlackBox (PBB) is a New York City-based technology firm and a member of the Green Button Alliance.

PBB is a Corporation for Public Benefit - a corporate status that drives its commitment to the environment and society as a whole.

We are all about data and trust. PBB was founded by Haluk Kulin, former Global Brand Manager at Unilever for over a decade. Haluk saw the value of data to Unilever but also acknowledged that consumers were not necessarily seeing an individual and personal benefit to having their data used.

He considered: what if the consumer had a virtual "Black Box" where they could offer their data securely to brands in exchange for a benefit - money or offers for their engagement? He further considered: what if brands could gain more accurate data and develop a more-trusted relationship with their consumers?

What if an enterprise like an Energy firm, could share their consumers' data readily with them? What if in addition to this data share, valuable educational information could be shared to help them live a more-sustainable life?

These questions form the genesis for the PBB ecosystem platform - where consumers, energy firms and brands all gain benefit from data share, through our energy app called Greenr. The Greenr mobile app resides on the platform and enables the consumer to connect to their energy data and begin a series of consumer journeys that provide valuable information on how to live a more-sustainable life. Articles, blog posts, quizzes and surveys on the app all offer an engaging, enjoyable, and goal-oriented experience.

So how does each party in the ecosystem benefit? Consumers gain valuable information on how to live a more-sustainable life and earn offers and monetary rewards. Brands develop a more-trusting and accurate relationship with their consumers. Energy companies build more personalized relationships with their customers. PBB's ecosystem platform uniquely enables everyone - consumers, brands and energy companies - to benefit by sharing data in a trusted and secure manner!

PBB is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance and applauds their work to get energy data into the consumer's hands. Visit PBB at Follow PBB on Twitter at @PBBCompany.

Welcome to our Newest Sponsor Member:

Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation

We are a FORTUNE 100 company that works in every stage of the energy business: power generation, competitive energy sales, trans­mission and delivery.  As the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, Exelon does business in 48 states, D.C., and Canada and had 2015 revenues of $34.5 billion.  We employ nearly 34,000 people nationwide.

...and Welcome to our Newest Participating Members:

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for third-party cost analysis of Solar PV and Advanced Energy Storage projects. Users import their Green Button Data files directly into our platform to model, analyze and propose their projects.

Personal BlackBox

Personal Black Box

Personal Blackbox (PBB) is a Corporation for Public Benefit – a corporate status that drives our commit­ment to the environ­ment and society as a whole. … PBB has built an energy eco­system platform—bringing energy companies, advertisers and consumers together through our Sustain­ability app, Greenr.

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