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Government of Ontario, Canada

The Government of Ontario in Canada recently released its Climate Change Action Plan which committed to expand the Green Button program province-wide and include electricity, natural gas and water to help more households and businesses manage and conserve their energy and water use.

Ontario Ministry of Energy

This coincides with the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s (MOE) recent consultations, which will help to inform a decision on whether to require Ontario’s electricity, natural gas and water utilities to implement the Green Button standard. The Ministry also conducted a cost-benefit analysis on implementing Green Button in Ontario to support its decision making. By leveraging the Green Button standard, Ontario-based utilities can enable innovative solutions that address utility data access needs for residential, institutional, commercial building and industrial customers.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy is continuing its efforts to promote Green Button in the province to empower consumers with access to their utility data and will also play a pro-active role in the Green Button Alliance. We welcome the Ontario Ministry of Energy to the Green Button Alliance board of directors.

Southern California Edison (SCE): Update

The Alliance also welcomes to the board Pamela Deahl, principal manager, Data Info Government Analytics, Measurement & Evaluation at Southern California Edison (SCE). Pamela is replacing Mark Podorsky of SCE, who served as vice-chairman of the Green Button Alliance board of directors. We thank Mark for his valuable contributions and leadership and wish him well in his upcoming retirement.

Member Spotlight: WattzOn

 Learn how WattzOn’s powerful platform and suite of products provide connections for utility data capture and customized energy insights to engage connected homes and communities, speed sales for solar companies, and enable energy efficiency and savings.

White House Open Data Innovation Summit

White House Open Data Innovation Summit
Lastly, we’d like to call your attention to an opportunity to highlight Green Button ecosystem achievements. The White House, the Small Business Administration, and The Data Foundation will co-host the first-ever White House Open Data Innovation Summit with Solutions Showcase on 28 September 2016. For this event, the White House Office of Management and Budget has announced a call for submissions that showcase achievements and commitments in open data and My Data initiatives, which includes the Green Button initiative. Follow the above link to learn how to submit your Green Button achievements for consideration!

– Syed Mir, CIO; London Hydro
Green Button Alliance - Chair



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Ontario Ministry of Energy

Ontario Ministry of Energy

A top priority is ensur­ing that Ontario’s electricity needs are met in a sustain­able manner. Develop­ing renewable energy sources and foster­ing a conservation-oriented culture are corner­stones of Ontario’s bal­anced plan to provide clean, and reliable energy—while encour­aging the develop­ment of a clean energy economy for our future.

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WattzOn is a software company that provides tools for consumers to authorize access to their utility data and its transfer to third parties, such as solar instal­lers or connected home companies. WattzOn also has a suite of products that provide personal­ized consumer energy insights, includ­ing custom­ized text messages, monthly utility data reports, and monthly solar savings reports. Covering 90% of U.S. homes, WattzOn is the leader in utility data access. With a fast‐growing cleantech ecosystem, utility data is key to showing consumers how they can benefit from inno­vative products and services. WattzOn serves a critical func­tion, with great atten­tion to security and privacy proto­cols.


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